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Update on painkillers!


Hi folks, I'm back. Just to say I saw the doc yesterday and have settled for Naproxen 500mg twice a day. I have also switched from Gabapentin 400mg four times a day to Pregabalin 150mg twice a day. I have already been on Naproxen for two weeks with no side effects but when I took my first Pregabalin capsule, I started feeling the benefits within a few hours. I guess the docs are right in that most medications taken for chronic pain become ineffective when taken for long periods. So fingers crossed that this improvement continues. Have a lovely day everyone! x

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Good to hear!

There is quite a difference in your doses of Gabapentin and Pregabalin....this may cause side effects. I hope not but just be aware.


Thanks Bananas. x

So pleased you have made a decision re a change of meds, sounds like Pregabalin is a better med for you. Since it worked for my BIL, I have been considering changing myself, will ask my rheumy on the 21s November if they don’t cancel again. All the very best. X

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Thanks Gigi. I hope it continues to work well for me. Hope you don't get cancelled again. Good luck!

Hi TBear i went to the doctors and asked to come of pregabalin has they weren't doing me any good so she started to wheen me of them and go back in 1 month first few days felt good and thought to myself yeah did the right thing frew more days not so good a few more days TOTAL pain and with that went back on pregabalin and told my doctor and she said will stop the wheenig has they were working for me so the moral of the story stop messing with my tablets hugs x

Hi Queenielot, I don't mind having a change in my medication when it is my suggestion! Anyway, I'm pleased you've found a drug that works for you - perhaps they've leave you alone now. xx

We shall see hugs x

Yes they say to divide your dose of Gabapentin by about 3ish to give you the dose of Pregabalin as Pregabalin is a much stronger drug. I was on Gabapentin but switched to Pregabalin due to issues. I was on 2000mg Gabapentin and was switched to 600 Pregabalin. I actually found Pregabalin worked much better.

Be careful with the Naproxen, my husband was on it for a while and in the end it did his stomach in. He then had to take lanzoprasole to protect his stomach if he took Naproxen.

Hi Emma, I went from 1600mg of Gabapentin daily to 300mg of Pregabalin daily so there's room for an increase if needed. I have been on Omeprazole for years so I hope that is protecting my stomach. My doc won't put Naproxen on a repeat prescription - she wants to see me regularly to review it. I've got kidney function tests booked for December too so they're keeping an eye on me. Thanks for your reply Emma - it's lovely to hear from you on such a grey looking day! xx

My pleasure. Hope you are ok and hey yes it’s grey but at least it’s not raining. 😃 I live about an hour north of Sheffield where there were terrible floods yesterday so more rain would not have been good for them there.

Yes I heard about Sheffield on the news yesterday. We live in Wigan - we've had a lot of rain but not enough to flood. Enjoy the rest of your day Emma. xx

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