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Nerve pain post surgery


I had spinal surgery for a herniated disc about 5 months ago. I recovered well and my leg pain and back pain disappeared. My back still ocassionally ached etc due to damaged discs but nothing unbearable.

I have nerve damage from the herniation which affected the sensation in my lower leg, it is numb with parts that are hyper sensitive. The issue is my leg now feels like it is on fire. It began intermittently but has now been stuck like that all day. It is driving me to distraction.

Has anyone had this? Did it go? Any recommendations for the pain (other than painkillers).


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Sorry to hear that you have gone from one struggle to another.

I have similar problem. The spinal surgeon told me having an operation does not always mean a success. So for that reason I am thinking twice whether I should go ahead or not.

Take care x

damo668 in reply to Painny

i had this done 5 years ago worst mistake of my life but i suppose every one is different i have heard stories where it been successful and others like me wished we had left it alone depending on you situation at the moment whether it debilitating your daily routine or is it something that you think you could manage to live with for a while longer.Due to this problem and damaging my central nervous system i have found am worse off have had to give up my job as none will employ me due to the medications and now confined to a wheelchair but i also have other underlying medical problems as well which this has contributed to if you really need it then go for it am not trying to scare you off from having it doe as i said everyone's different and react differently to surgery and medication

to be honest with you have had same problems but having it done created more problems without sounding like a defeatist i have tried everything going from pain management through to cbd oils through to pain killers only thing that kinda keeps me going is keeping strong in the head as the doc says to me there's no real cure for pan and wish i had left it alone and plodded on the way i was but some people did not have this option all i can say is sta strong and dont let it grind you down

So sorry to hear that the surgery has not yet brought relief. I also had spinal surgery as one of a number of surgeries, so it is difficult to separate out the symptoms for me.

But I would say that the level of pain that you are experiencing sounds very challenging to cope with and I would strongly recommend getting your GP to refer you to a Pain Clinic - you get to meet lots of different medical professionals and they should help a lot. Your GP should also be able to prescribe different drugs to painkillers - there are 2 other classes of drugs that bring a lot of pain relief, but they have to try different ones and see what your pain responds to. Good luck and stay positive.

Hi Devil,

I had my third back surgery June of 19. After suffering with nerve pain for years , I am now free of the

Shooting nerve pain. (I will likely suffer a little pain forever)

I am on Gabapentin and cymbalta. It has saved my life . I would not be here without it. Nerve pain has its own heartbeat I used to say. I finally had L4-5 fusion and after a brutal recovery...

I am doing Great. I came through the

Hole and so will you! Need help? Please reach out. This is the

Most painful thing I have ever gone through..can’t even talk without tearing up.

Good luck-


Hi l have decided against the op but l still need pain relief. I have been to the pain docs at my hospital and have had premagablin gabapentin tramadol amitriptyline you name it l have tried it suppose l am looking for the miracle pain relief surly there's some new meds out there that can help some days when l get out of bed l can hardly walk help😵

Have you been offered a fentanyl duragesic patch? There are several doses starting at 12ug. The medicine seeps into your pores and then into the bloodstream, The patch is replaced every 3 days.

What about Ketamine injections? They are helping some people with severe neuralgia. I myself use Compounded 10mg Ketamine tablets twice a day.

I hear your dilemma. No medication controlled my pinched nerve pain. I had TERRIBLE side effects. I had surgery which saved my life.

i have had the patches they just made me feel spaced out l have had injections in my lower spine lumber region they didnt seem to help l could ask my GP about the compound 10mg ketamine. l dont have much faith with my doctor its a case as much to there,s no cure and you have tried most medication l give uo grin and bare it.

Good luck. You need your pain controlled and you have a right to that.

I’m sorry the patches didn’t help.

I have this type of pain and I’ve been diagnosed with having CRPS. It’s an incurable but potentially manageable condition.

I would recommend asking gp for a referral to a pain management team and also for some hydrotherapy or physio sessions. A physio can help you work on the desensitisation of the limb.

There are things that can help that aren’t painkillers, for example a tens machine, lidocaine patches even a scs implant.

christ1ne10 in reply to Nexia121

Hi l have had hydroptherapy countless physio and seen a choropractor spent quite a bit of money over the years which all have helped but only short term ihave a tens machine numourous heat pads massage mat and l ytred the patches but made feel l was on another planet l had the injections in my lower spine my discs are bulging in my lumber region l just feel like there his no where to go l have seen the pain managment team at my local hospital.

Hi there you said your leg pain disappeared completely.

I have had 3 microdiscectomies at the same level and just a few weeks ago a fusion.

I have had different issues after the operations however I was kind of free ,like yourself, of the leg pain for variably amounts of time but then it would come back and feel like being plugged into the mains. A new MRI would show the disc was gone again. Not saying your disc has gone again but if all of sudden the pain is back after a pain free period it might be worth having another MRI to see if all is well.

I’m sorry to see you are still in pain I had exactly the same operation and then had a revised operation and had a cage inserted I’ve suffered with pain, Hypersensitive leg, Burning leg/foot and so on. I hope you can get some relief

Nexia121 in reply to DonutEater

I would ask your consultant about CRPS, as the symptoms you listed are very much associated with the condition. It is incurable but potentially manageable. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a diagnosis and a name to give your symptoms.

Thanks for all the comments. I was just frustrated as the pain disappeared.

The pain is not the same as pre op. It feels like someone has put my leg in a fire or it just feels weird (not very good medical terminology).

I have/had severe endometriosis, so I am keen to avoid painkillers. I also live at the hospital, have had countless tests and 5 operations in the last 7 ish years.

I will see how it goes. I am active and it is not debilitating like it was before the surgery. I may try physio and I want to attend the pain clinic re my endo anyway.


D x

If it is not as bad as before the op it’s worth persevering with the physio first. It was my physio every time that insisted I would go back to the specialist etc. Good luck with your recovery. (Know about living at hospital, had 5 ops in past 3 years. But hey we are made of strong stuff 😀)

I had burning pain in my left foot for years which I found out on American health site could be turned off with eating blackberries daily - I buy them frozen from supermarket and have been eating them - after a short time - started off 1/2 teaspoon of sugar - then less and for several years now no sugar. I added raspberries as sweeter - can add any berries as long as black - so blue berries etc. It works. I have been busy and forgotten to thaw them - and back it comes same night - so now pop them in oven to defrost.

Sounds daft eh. thing is it works and I sleep without that blooming awful nagging pain and burning with it. I cant take iron on prescription either for anemia - I had PN age 15 and 6 months of iron injections daily in backside - both buttocks were badly bruised did one today and other side tomorrow etc.- I'm 81 so this was years ago. Treatment may be different. But they never seem to test for PN in all the yeas since. Always try to give me Ferris Iron which makes me constipated. I have found Fab Iron OK in liquid form - pop it in water now and then at breakfast.

Worth a try if you';re desperate. Mine are grown in Chile. Not China wont have anything grown in China as ground is all contaminated.

I live in Australia and its having a bad bush fire season due to Left wing UN EU types infiltrating Councils and stopping the back burning of the forest's dead wood leaves which is fuel for fires lit by arsonists age 9 up - or lightning strikes during electrical storms. When we were allowed to clear this fuel - had fewer fires which were under control quickly - loss of life shocking in wild animals like Koala's in particular who live in trees. Plus burnt homes but they can be re-built. Lives lost too. Not as bad a left media report.

Family in UK panicked when saw news - "Australia burning" Unlike UK where forests are wet so dead leaves etc rot - here dry continent so lie and build up into fuel which burns hot when lightning strikes or arsonists strike.

Admin can take last para off if it offends. Just a bit of explanation I gave relatives and friends in UK who were shocked at the way it was reported in Britain.

What about a nerve block?? Have you had that? ThT way you can strengthen and get another one then strengthen some more to build muscle and get the compression down. I would love one if those right now. I had three done in my neck first and third worked. Then life happened and more crap to other parts Are you able or can you try to use a foam roller and lay with the roller in your groin frog like the one side roll it out then same other side. I also use a tennis ball and put it just beside my ass by my ass crack while I’m sitting on a cushion then the ball and just sit like that. Another thing is lay down take a bathrobe tie make a loop like a noose. Put your leg in it below the knee lay with that leg bent and pull it wagging it called nerve flosing. Back & forth. I also sit on couch and press ball of foot into the coffee table wiggle foot forward backwards. & lay down on tummy do pelvic tilts. You may also have tight hip flexor and IT band. Are you able to use a rowing machine ? I might join a gym again just for that and leg press machine. I wouldn’t be able to use weights on that but the action could help. I think you should look into nerve flossing

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