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Chronic back/nerve pain no answers as to what it is :(


Hi all,

I sit here typing this crying like a baby. Most days I can manage pain but some days I just can’t take it anymore. I’m 24, and for the longest time I’ve had the same issue - left lower back isolated nerve like pain (right near the sacral joint), deep left glute pain both upper and deep max. It hurts on bending, anything with movements to the left (I.e twisting or bending to the left). I don’t get shooting pains down my leg - so it’s not sciatica. There’s no pain in any of my discs going up my back. It’s literally isolated to the lower left of my back.

My muscles spasm when it hurts so my back just seizes anyway. I get pain at the front of my hip too, like something is pinching or pushing a nerve. If one goes the other goes. Can’t push off my left leg without some form of pain.

I’m an active person, and this cripples me and ruins me. I’m more upset because nobody seems to understand what I try to describe, and nobody can tell me what it is and how I can fix it. I’m so fed up of being in pain every day. For years :(((

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So the doctors cant work it out either?

Nicolarose in reply to Hidden

No - I’ve had multiple ones just press my discs and say it’s fine it’ll pass

Hidden in reply to Nicolarose

That's crazy!!

Have you tried anything yourself to solve it?

Nicolarose in reply to Hidden

Been to chiros and physics and nobodies told me the problem. Training abs/core helps it, but doesn’t cure it. I’m trying all kinds of exercises/variations but it’s been years

Nobody saw my issue's until Cleveland clinic. Not new and no need for surgery if not leaning on spine. Ms 15 years later. Good luck, ask questions and check doctor.

DiDiBrit in reply to 6092177588

Have you tried the Bowen Therapy? One session and the therapist will tell you it can help you. It keeps me going....

Go to gp and get a referral to a rheumatologist. It took me over 30 years to get a diagnosis. Keep pushing and dont get fobbed off by doctors saying its your age

6092177588 in reply to lupus_01

That is terrible. You are right. Our health system can use a make over

Morning how are you this morning as for some of your pains I feel I have very similar especially as you believe to be nerve pains down front of hip

When I try to stand up the horrible pain shoots down my buttuck and then seizes up at the front of my leg which I then can’t straighten up so I am not able to walk at all so I do feel for you

I have seen a pain relief specialist who says he’s sorry but can’t do anything for me so it seems I have as he pointed out have to live like it as there are 20percent of People this happens to

I hope this doesn’t happen to you

Can you walk and have you been to any specialist I’m not sure where a rhuemy comes in as I never saw one could be because my problems are osteoarthritis

Take care and try to get some answers is it the arthritis causing these problems

So sorry your suffering.

I have similar pain but after a scan told it’s due to osteoarthritis in L4/5. This was back when I was 26.

After trying on only cocodamol for a couple of years I had to change go due to house move (had to get ground floor flat at this point as couldn’t manage stairs) he said it sounded like nerve pain, he suggested Gabapentin.

It’s the best thing I tried, physio only helped so much but strengthening core muscles was a bit of help.

At that point I couldn’t sit without severe pain kind of in the middle of my left bum cheek but deeper towards my hip. I had to titration the dosage up and it did take several weeks to feel a difference but it’s been a life changer.

I still get a bit of pain but nothing like it used to be, I totally understand as there were times all I could do was lie on my bed crying.

If you’ve tried physio etc and are still in so much pain push for a scan, I don’t get typical sciatic pain but have disc bulges as well as the osteoarthritis. You need to find out what’s causing it.

Sorry for long reply but hope this helps.

I also get pain in my sacroiliac joint which can be excruciating. I've realised now I'm stuck with the pain so I'm going on another course for pain management - 3rd September for 3 weeks. You could ask your doctor to make a referral. I also had several injections, pain blocks etc, but no luck. Hope you feel better soon xx

Did u check spine, doesn't hurt.

Instead of thinking it might be something wrong with spine causing hip pain have you explored the possibility that it could be your hip at the root of the cause? Have you tried trigger pointing with a ball or roller? Helps me, there are videos on u tube that tell you how to do it.

Oh how I know the feeling but I don’t want to upset you but my pain started when I was 14 had a bad car accident so hips and knees over the years have had to be sorted a kidney transplant 26 years ago and now a black out finished me of I have spinal stenosis osteoporosis fractures of the spine and now can’t walk or stand up straight because of the pain I am in and I am now 72 so it’s been a good few years of pain so yes I do feel sorry for you and I do understand so you are not alone there probably are a good few people out there that will understand you so chin up please take care I will think of you but be honest that won’t help your pain go away but at least you can moan at anyone on here which sometimes that helps

Hi sorry to hear that you are suffering. I know how you feel I am 27 and have been suffering from pain since I was 14. I found out about a site from a doctor the other day maybe it will answer some of your questions I found it helpful. it’s good to know your not going crazy. Just remember you are not alone. Take care of yourself xoxo

Hi there!

I'm sorry to hear you're suffering! Your symptoms sound much like what I've had. I've had chronic low back pain for over a decade, began when I was 23. Then things got much worse after a rollover car accident a few years back. After that, I started having buttocks/glute pain too - and found twisting, bending and lifting to be major triggers. After a couple years, I was diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction and made major lifestyle modifications including avoiding bending and twisting of any kind, and avoiding lifting even small amounts (2-3 lbs), as much as possible. These changes were incredibly hard - made me much less functional and are hard to navigate life around - but have helped greatly reduced my symptoms and gave me more control over the pain. About a year ago they found I also had a hip labral tear. After the surgery, my hip and back pain have greatly improved and I've been able to cut back pain meds a lot. I'm beginning to try getting more function back. The physical therapists tellme that the hip and back are meant to work together but can't if one or both are injured.

I highly recommend asking your doctor to check your hip for problems - especially ask about labral tear. I wish I'd have known about my hip issue sooner but am very grateful to be moving in the right direction now - finally.

In the mean time, you may want to look up piraformus stretch (where legs look crossed ike a triangle or 4) and hamstring stretch (my fave is the leg on wall through doorway). Those have been my bread and butter!

I hope it helps - and hope you get some relief soon!

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear your in pain and I can quite understand that. Have you seen an Osteopath? They can help. I hope somebody helps you. Take care

Have you investigated ‘MIND BODY SYNDROME’ if not maybe google Dr Sarno and see if anything feels relevant to your disruption and experiences. Hoping you get some relief very soon.

Pain issues are impatient at the delay of therapy. If doctors are still silent, you can try at least non-medical options like switching the sleeping surface at your home. I have an example of my sister who purchased a mattress with foam in it and it somehow memorized her body shape and was extremely healthy to sleep on it.

I know it might seem an expensive way to do this but you have to have an MRI scan and if you have to look for somewhere cheap to give you one because once you have your MRI scan it will be clear what the problem is so it's worth investing in it good luck

I know it might seem an expensive way to do this but you have to have an MRI scan and if you have to look for somewhere cheap to give you one because once you have your MRI scan it will be clear what the problem is so it's worth investing in it good luck

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