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What's the Worst?

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Hi Everyone. I have COPD, degenerate lumbar scoliosis with stenosis, and peripheral neuropathy; all of which mean I have very limited mobility and intermittent pain. But the worst disability of all, and it's not social, is a thing called 'Essential Tremors' in both arms and hands with the left hand continually dancing like a mad March hare. Does anyone know of any treatment for this?

10 Replies
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Have you tried medications for Parkinson? Mirapex ?

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Has your GP not tried any treatment for essential tremor? There are several different medications that can help, and with the help of your GP you should be able to find one that works for you. Good luck.

Do your tremors stop when your arm is resting?

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Yes Osidge. Is that good?

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In one sense it is. It rules out your tremors as being a symptom of Parkinson’s Disease.

Your GP needs to be approached regards this, you need it checked out in case it is something unrelated Your GP needs a confirmation and diagnosis, we cannot diagnose on this site.

Make an appointment Monday to see your GP.

Let us know how you get on


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My friend has essential tremors in both hands and takes one small tablet and the tremor stops for a while. There’s no cure but it can be controlled She says it’s a great relief so if this is only an essential tremor and nothing more then the answer is yes there is something. Your doctor should be able to advise you more

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Hi Suffolklady. This is Norfolkman speaking! Thanks for your reply. Essential tremors was diagnosed some years ago now by my excellent GP after eliminating Parkinson's. He did initially try some medication which he said was the only one (can't remember the name) but it didn't work and turned me into a worse zombie than I already am! I just thought I ask here for a review. I used to play clarinet and sax but have had to give them up because of the tremors and COPD.

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Hi there. Ah that’s to bad I’m sorry to hear that. I only know my friends had a tremor for years and her Uncle had it too. One day he took a pill prescribed and for a few hours the tremor was under control. She told me about it and after much nagging from me she did ask for it from her GP. She took it and sure enough the tremor stopped. It never effected her any other way than stopping the shakes if it was the same drug as you she was lucky.I just hoped that maybe you’d not tried meds. It’s always worth reviews with professionals as there’s new medications coming on the market all the time. Good luck.

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