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Subutex (Buprenorphine) - Constantly feeling hungry

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Hello all,

Firstly I am sorry for posting this here (I am new to HU) however I saw a few threads about Subutex so thought that there could be some people here knowledgeable on this type of medication.

I was on 240mg of Codeine for a long period due to injuries sustained in a motorbike crash. The doctors prescribed me Subutex to get through the withdrawals (3 month plan to be on it). This is my first week on it and I am constantly extremely hungry to the point I can feel a bit of pain there.

I am wondering if this is a side effect of the drug, or maybe even the withdrawals?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi I take Belbuca and it's buprenorphine take one every twelve hours started on 75 had to go to 150 they have several doses if I need to up it. I know they are using it to get people off drugs but with me she can't I have to much wrong with me. susiejo1948

Hi it's definitely withdrawals. Are you craving for mostly sweet food and chocolate, very common with opioid withdrawal.

I am on a Subutex patch, it's only 20mcg, I have never felt hungrier since being on the patch. Take care

Thanks for the response. Glad it’s not just me, I am already a massive eater as it is lol! I am just thankful I have a fast metabolism! For me its anything really, not really a craving for a specific type of food if that makes sense. If I could ask one more thing, I am taking the sublingual tablet (take it under your tongue) and about an hour after I take it, it puts me to sleep for about 2 hours, do you have this effect with it?

Thanks again for your response. Take care!

No because I am on such a low dose. I live in Australia, our Government seems to do everything the USA does. Just because the USA ARE having an opioid crisis it's impossible now to get meds strong enough to kill pain. It's ridiculous because we are having an Ice crisis and they should be focusing on that. Lola

Hi - sorry to hear of your pain, it was a motorbike crash that has caused my spinal disintegration,. If you read the leaflet in the box it will list the side effects and everything else. Good luck x

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Thank you for replying. Ouch!! I hope you’re doing good or at least better now?

Thats the funny thing, all the side effects I am having aren’t in the book the pharmacist gave me upon my first dose. I have asked them and my prescribing doctor if its a side effect and they’re investigating it now. They think I may have a sensitivity to Buprenorphine as another effect I have is around an hour after taking it I will uncontrollably fall asleep for around an hour or 2.

Thanks again for your response and I wish you all the best :)

I have the same desire to sleep whenever it takes me but that is more to do with my stroke that I had in 2014. I just fall asleep wherever I am! I'm puzzled about your medication. Any meds that are prescribed have to have a patient information leaflet by law. It should describe the medication, state what its for, state the usual dosage we. It s Gould be online in the BNF (British national formulary) . Unfortunately I'm not doing too well, but there's no point moaning about it is there? Hope you get sorted out!

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Sorry thats my mistake. I worded that badly, had actually just woken up from one of my ‘med sleeps’. My medication is currently supervised, I will be taking it un-supervised next week so when I had my first dose the pharmacist gave me the leaflet and book about the medication. All the effects I am having are not listed in the leaflet and book.

I will have a look on the BNF, see if any symptoms I am having are listed there, thanks for that! Sorry to hear you’re not doing well, hope you feel better soon!

Thanks a lot for your help, appreciate it!

Hi I've posted information from the BNF

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