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Gone after over 10yrs of pain.

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Popped in here to let all you sufferers know that my Fantom tooth pain has all of a sudden up and went. Its been 3 days now I've had no pain at all from it and i never had any treatment or meds to help it go.

I was to have a procedure last week with Dr Cooper in Causway hospital i was gowned up wedding ring taped up my watch and necklace removed until i was asked have i got the cold i said i had just gotten over it but had started taking antibiotics for a chest infection my GP prescribed them well that was that..gown off jewelry back on he said he wouldn't risk it as the injection he was going to administer into my top gum would create an infection so it wasn't carried out.

In hindsight I'm glad now it happened how it did as i would've definitely thought it was that procedure that cured it when it wouldn't have been. What i can put it down to is answered prayer..thank you my Lord.

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Were the antibiotics you took a macrolides. google "macrolides and anti inflammatory".

"Anti-inflammatory effects of macrolides—an underappreciated

benefit in the treatment of community-acquired respiratory tract

infections and chronic inflammatory pulmonary conditions?" is an interesting journal article.


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Sorry only getting to see your reply now. My GP asked me to wean off the amitriptyline which was keeping my rls and AO fantom tooth pain at bay it was wonderful. Her reason..one of the side effects is urine retention which ive been told I now have so i began cutting it down and my AO and RLS came back so i then decided im not suffering this again so i went back up to 50mg but it hasn't made either go away again granted its just not as severe but its not as it was when i first got up to the 50mg they were both gone. Amitriptyline is an antidepressant but only becomes that at a certain dosage level. That's as much as i know about it.

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