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Calf and foot pain after walking.

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I'm desperate to find anyone with the same symptoms as mine.

I've had this for 13 months I've had my circulation checked and that's ok.In this period I've been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. And 3 months later was diagnosed with diabetes type 2.I had an MRI scan on my lower back which ruled out stenosis.

I was told when the neuropathy was diagnosed it was very mild

and the only problem I have is some numbness under my toes.

This pain in my calf and feet only comes on after I have walked approx 100 yards and is excruciating leaving me a limping wreck.I

I was refered to a neurologist who said I am deficient in vitamin B 12 I got 6 injections from my GP and I will get 1 every 3 months for life.Up till now there is no change.I've been on 1200mgs of Gabbapentin a day for 2 months with no relief,at the moment I'm

taking Duloxetine with no improvement.

My problem is my GP can't see any further than the neuropathy

he's told me to accept it.I see a pain specialist next week.

Is anybody else having the same symptoms.

Thanks for your attention.

Bob k.

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Hi Bob,

Sorry to hear you've been so unwell. Have you been back to the neurologist since you had the B12 injections? It seems significant to be deficient in b12!

What's being suggested for the diabetes?

Your GP should be taking your collection of symptoms more seriously not just fobbing you off on pain management!

Best wishes

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bobknob51 in reply to Boozybird

Thanks for your advice.

I was discharged back to my GP by the neurologist after I had seen him only twice.The first time he did a few checks. on the nerves in my leg and foot,that appointment lasted about 3 minutes he said 90 per cent

of the time it's down to old age sometimes it could be something else.He sent me for some blood tests.

On the second appointment he told me he had found

the problem I was deficient in vitamin B 12 and discharged me. As I wrote in my post the B12 injections

have had no effect.I'm taking metformin for my diabetes.

Thanks again


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Boozybird in reply to bobknob51

Hi Bob, have you researched the B12 thing? Here is what's on the NHS site:

Functional vitamin B12 deficiency

Some people can experience problems related to a vitamin B12 deficiency, despite appearing to have normal levels of vitamin B12 in their blood. This can occur due to a problem known as functional vitamin B12 deficiency – where there is a problem with the proteins that help transport vitamin B12 between cells. This results in neurological complications involving the spinal cord.

This still may explain the underlying condition with the leg problem and complicated by the diabetes. Perhaps do some research so that you feel confident that you have got the deficiency under control and also perhaps request some urgent support to get the diabetes under the best control you can as this can cause neuropathy too... So getting a nutritional referral from Gp to discuss diet and losing weight if appropriate so one condition is not exacerbating the other... lots on the telly these days about how changing the diet to avoid carbohydrates and other sugars can halt and even reverse diabetes...

best wishes ;)

Dear bk,

Even if it means getting some sort of walking aid keep moving am on go po which helps soft tissues as its vit c and quinoric which helps joints and irritation keep toes as warm as possible do exercises with them

My husband has peripheral vascular disease and gets exactly the same problems. As you are diabetic, I would ask your GP if this is a possibility. He has used the Revitive circulation booster and found that it helps. It may be of help to you even if your pain is not due to circulation problems 🐸

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bobknob51 in reply to Sorebones


Thanks for your advice.I had peripheral vascular disease

18 years ago and had a stent inserted in my leg so that is what I thought it was's the exact same vice like pain in my calf and my foot feels as if I've just twisted it.

The vascular clinic said the circulation in my leg is fine.

My GP says these pains are not consistent with peripheral neuropathy but he still maintains it is what the pains are.

How frustrating.

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Sorebones in reply to bobknob51

Ooh, very frustrating. We do ask a lot of our poor doctors sometimes. It must be so confusing to be told it's not something but it is....... I hope you get to the bottom of the problem soon. It must be so unnerving, no pun intended 🐸

Same symptoms here which were explained after an electrical rest showed the signal from my brain do not make it all the way down to my calves. I tried all sorts of pain killers but they just made me tired, and constant pain makes me tired anyway so adding to this makes things worse. Only solution I found was to destract myself from it or see it for what it is, a false signal. Problem has been for the last 3 years ive been under constant attack by the DWP and had to think about my pain to try to describe it and keep a diary of it which brings it to the top of my thoughts so I've had to suffer it as it is. This just makes it worse and those basrards at the DWP manage to come up with new ideas to keep me sleep, food and heat deprived. As soon as I think I've put one fire out they light another one under me so I've now got a Backlog of missed appeal deadlines and ignored complaints. I tell people what's going on and the comment I most often get is "they can't do that " well they do and who will stop them? They ignore tribunal judges and the independent case examiner. They hold the purse strings and there is no comeback for their cruelty or incompetence. This is why people will continue to die. So before anyone else says "they Can't do that " have a plan to stop them. Plenty have tried and failed

Hi Bob,

Seeing a pain specialist next week will give you a much better perspective, hopefully a diagnosis and at the very least help with managing the pain.

Good luck


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bobknob51 in reply to Clycat

Thanks Up.

Hi Bob,

I was suffering with similar pain in my calves and feet and after doing a blood test Dr found that i was low in Vitamin D. I buy the cheapest one from the chemist and since i've been on them the pain has stopped, not sure if this will help. x

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bobknob51 in reply to Schanaaz

Thanks Schanaaz

I'll give it a go.

Hi Bobnob51,

Yes I do too!! I've been told to do calf stretches before walking.... Both upper and lower...( But don't remember untill the pain hits!!!) And that I'm not walking correctly!!!!

I had a hip replacement 15months have had to learn to walk differently!!

a topical analgesic cream does ease some, if I remember to put on b4 leaving home! Kind of delays the inevitable...

Oh and have had to buy new old ones shaped by different gait of pre surgery pain!!!

Hope that helps!!

Hi Nanajudy So sorry to hear about your problems and thanks for your advice.My problems have taken a significant turn in the past two years .First of all no real change in my pain,then last Christmas 2017 I had an appointment with an NHS podiatrist who checked my pulses in my right leg and found no significant circulation and said she would advise my GP to refer me to the vascular clinic. On my next visit to my GP I told him he should have received a letter from the podiatrist, he had a little chuckle to himself and asked her name I said I didn't know .He reluctantly checked my pulses and said they were normal and did I still want the referral obviously I said I did.Moving on to the vascular clinic it was found I had blockages in the popliteal artery behind the knee which they said was inoperable unless urgent and blockages in the femoral artery.The worse of which I had angioplasty on last week it's given me minimal improvement.Obviously I've had words with my GP he says he can't remember giving me the option whether to go to the vascular clinic.he's been the reason for all my leg pain for the last four years and he's so arrogant he won't admit it.

At the moment it's the least of my problems I've now got a flight with lung cancer.

Thanks for all your advice two and a half years ago

Bob k. xx

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