Pregabalin alternative?

I have started Pregabalin in the last six months as Gabapentin wasn't killing the pain. Pregabalin works well with my nerve pain. I have put on weight but wonder is there an alternative that is as effective without the weight gain or knocking me out as I have to work? I have back and neck problems and exercise is almost impossible. Being fat will just make a condition that drags you down even worse. Any suggestions?

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  • Hi Jules 3540

    I have been on Gabapentin for approx 5 years immediately put weight on. It works for me though I could not cope without it my condition is Spinal stenosis in 3 sections of my spine. I would suffer from extreme cramps can't walk, live or do anything. Have tried pregabalin but does not suit me. Don't think there is anything else. Zoe good luck

  • I don't think there is anything else!!! I am on pregabalin for chronic back pain, and it has helped me so much, BUT I'm very overweight anyway and it has put another stone on me. I'm now waiting for an epidural spinal injection as I want to come off the pregabalin as I can't afford this weight gain, but the pain doctor said sometimes you have to weigh it up pain free or weight gain!!!!!!

  • Hi

    I'm on pregablin and carbamazepine. I also have the spinal injections (which work brilliantly for me) however my pain consultant told me I am not allowed to stop my other medication ...which I was hoping to as I too have gained weight.

  • It's you're body, but it took me 2months to come off such a small dose! I've been off it 18 months now... my pain is ok to be honest, I have off days.. but it's been 12 months on April 1st that I had my last epidural pain relief x

  • There is an alternative! Get off that dreadful drug! I have lost 6 stone, so you can imagine how I felt when I saw I had put on 13lbs in 3 weeks! I have now come off it, and I am taking Topiramate. I have been on it for 18 days now. As with any drug, there can be side effects, but the BEST ONE is WEIGHT LOSS! And it works! I am still playing with quantity, but at the mo I take 75mg, will prob go to 125mg. I have found my urge to eat has gone and, twice when having had oil, once in a salad dressing, and last night in a stir fry, I was extremely nauseous. I'm not a sicky person, and wasn't, but certainly gave it a good try! I don't know if it was the oil or not, but that was the only similar factor in both meals. Speak to your doc! I asked about this drug and they were extremely open to try it! My lot are fab though! Could not ask for a getter surgery.

  • Glad you have got good results form it, but not sure that topiramate would be as good for everyone as it is for you. It also has a long list of potential side effects that could be just as bad in some people.

  • How long have you geen a gentriloquist?????

  • There is an alternative that they use at my pain clinic. It's called Cymbalta. I know someone who has had better pain relief on that than when he was on pregabalin.

  • I was on max dose Pregab 300mg twice a day - had surgery and the anesthetic really screwed up my Transfer Myelitis [nerve paid in my legs] and doc suggested Gaba - gradually increased to 1600mg twice a day and did nothing for the pain with weight gain and constipation - went back on the Pregab and back to max dose - no substitute - i was very concerned re weight gain on Pregab and changed eating habits ie 'kept my mouth shut' to all rubbish - mind game - what is good for the mind is not good for the body and vice versa - everyone is difference - I am paraplegic and wheelchair user 100% - Pain Clinic [UK] also suggested Nortriptylene 2nd generation Amiltriptyine but wont mix

  • I had the same weight problem the pregabalin. My consultant switched me to Topiramate upon which I lost 15kg in a year without dieting. Pregabalin and Gabapentin holding water not fat so dieting is pointless. I find Topiramate a very good pain killer. There are other options too, it's just pregabalin is "flavour of the month"

  • Cymbalta made me feel like I was going insane. I take nortriptjne, a tricyclic antidepressant used for surpressing nerve pain. The only side effect is drowsiness which I avoid by taking it before bed. I'm very sensitive to meds and have tried dozens. This one saved my life.

  • Hi im on pregabalin only 100 twice a day as gp is reluctant to increase to 300 twice a day as suggested by my neurologist because of cost.. I had what was treated as siatica last june but when doing physio they noticed i had a foot drop. i had mri which stated that i have problems with l4/l5 disk with disc degeration and scolios ,, since then my gp noticed i have very weak right leg and right arm and ive been back to the neurologists for more tests mri scan next month on upper back and head and introcranial .....ive put on a stone since last june and im wondering if there is anything else i can take other than pregabalin to help me ... on reading my report from neurologist its sayiny they feel i have inflammation/demyelination

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