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Anyone know of an analgesic suppository available on the NHS or privately in the UK?



I'm suffering with anal/rectum pain due to a rectocele. I want to ask my GP for pain relief (he's already referred me to my local hospital and I'm waiting to see a colorectal surgeon, but my pain has got worse since I last saw my GP). I'm in the UK - Can you get analgesic suppositories prescribed on the NHS? - If so, I would be grateful to know what I could ask for. (I can't tolerate oral pain killers as I've got IBS and a gallstone and the lidnocaine in haemorrhoid cream only helps a little bit; I need something my GP doesn't think that I've got piles or a fissure, so I'd like to try and get something prescribed that's more appropriate.)

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give to help me.

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Voltarol Suppositories

These can be bought over the counter and probably cheaper than a script

They seem to have various strengths. Ask your pharmacist for advice


Spicer21 in reply to Bananas5

Thanks Bananas5.

I just looked on line and they only seem to be available on prescription now...I'll phone my local pharmacy to enquire though as it would be great if I could get them over the counter...If they are prescription only, I'll ask my GP about them. Cheers.

Bananas5 in reply to Spicer21

Hard to keep up sometimes with what you can or can't have!

Good Luck.


Thanks and too true, Bananas5. (It kind of doesn't make sense that you can buy Voltarol gel over the counter to put on your skin for arthritis and muscle pain long term, but you can't buy Volterol off prescription to put elsewhere in your body :( (The packs always say that if you need these things long term you should consult a doctor, so you'd think that would be good enough. )

Bananas5 in reply to Spicer21

In France all meds are supplied as suppositories....very few people go to GP over there!!


morphalot in reply to Spicer21

They might be very different strengths of course

Oh, yes, that's right - a friend of mine has not long come home from working in France and was very impressed with their health care system. x

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