Hi everyone I'm vicky I am 54 nearly 55 ( October ) years old I've been suffering from back pain for many years now. Had surgery in 2002. It helped for many years but lately... OMG am I in pain been to my gp no help had x-ray mri bloody tests nobody seams to help me I'm past from one to another.. I've been to pain management ... aqua yoga.. injections ... even meditation you name it I've had it .. but for 6 months now I'm going through hell mainly on a morning I scream in pain it's in my lower back and round my hips I can't even control my bladder it's unbearable I'm back in to see GOOD this week but I know he'll just brush me off. I've rang pain management myself explained my situation eventually got GP to refer me so back to the beginning for me. My tens machine helps. I'm on gabapentin co codiodmol...

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  • Morning Vicky and welcome aboard

    You say lower back? Has there been any diagnosis of where in your back? Is it sij? Or hips?

    Often it can be 'referred' pain...I have worn out sij which, while painful in itself, also causes extra pain in my hip


  • Hi Vicky, what type of back surgery did you have? Is Gabapentin helping at all and what dose are you on. I've been taking it for years, have to keep upping dose and coming off it for a while when I get to max to get relief from it again.

    When you say you can't control your bladder, are you incontinent. How about your bowels, is everything normal there? And have you told your gp about lack of bladder control. It's an important symptom. Did your MRI show anything up?

  • Reading your post Vicky is like I have write it. My heart goes out to you and I completely understand the pain both physically and mentally xx

  • Thank you it's hard going isn't it at times 😔

  • Sorry to hear about your problems. My GP had it drummed into me that if I had any problems with bladder or bowel control I was to go straight to a&e. I had failed lumbar spinal surgery in 2012, I was due to have my entire lumbar spine fused then my surgeon decided I was to young at 53! as it would cause me major mobility problems. He then referred me to the pain management team at James cook university hospital in Middlesbrough. At this time I was on morphine tablets, oramorph, pregabalin, duloxetine, amitryptiline. My pain management consultant said I could be a good case for a spinal cord stimulator, however he wanted to try another nerve root block, facet joint injections and nerve ablation first. As none of those procedure had any effect I was put forward for a spinal cord stimulator in October last year. I had to wait until February of this year to have my trial unit fitted, within two days I was completely nerve pain free. I had my full implant in March and again within days I was 100% nerve pain free. I still get mechanical pain from the bones etc but I no longer take any medication.

    best wishes Graham

  • Thank you that's very helpful information much appreciated

  • Hi Victoria,

    Firstly, you say you have lower back pain and have started to lose control of your bladder?... Well I don't want to worry you but you really need to go to the hospital. It is a very serious problem as your vertebrae is nipping the nerve down there.

    As far as pain meds go, I'm on Gabapentin too, and I find it very effective. But obviously it will depend on the dosage you take. I take 1200mg three times per day and it helps well with my spinal pain.

    Hope you can get things sorted... take care.

  • Hi Victoria

    I 've been using gabapentin tramadol co codamol etc for pain relief for many years. Gabapentin can affect your bladder causing lots of problems.

    If pain is excruciating at lower back hip areas you may want to consider pelvic inflammatorycondition or some sort of infection in one of your lower organs.

    I certainly wouldn't wait to see gp who is going to fob you off.if U really are worried and in a lot of pain go straight to A and E .sometimes to get the wheels in motion you need to present your self as an urgent case.

    Good luck

  • Thank you so much for your advice I think your right and I'll certainly consider it

  • Hi Victoria, sorry for your pain ! Pain is very hard to diagnose as you may have pain in your hips but in fact it is referred pain possibly from the small of your back or indeed your neck. At least you have had an MRI, this is becoming rare as any pain from hips, knees etc. is (and can only be) referred to a physio !! I have had it up to here with pain clinics and cognitive behaviour therapy ! What a load of cods ! They obviously have never had intractable pain that wakes you in the night or doesn't even allow you to GET to sleep in the first place ! I am going on the offensive with my pain, I am overweight (I need to lose three stone or more) my muscles are flabby and my core strength simply does not exist ! I am going to do my gardening and exercise everyday OR DIE ! I may as well because if I give up and become sedentary the situation will only get worse, and will threaten my life. So, lose weight, get a strong core, allowing your muscles to help your joints stabilise, never ever get isolated so you only think about pain ! Get out and socialise as much as you can. I find that besides medication, distraction therapy is the only thing that helps me, I went to the cinema yesterday and saw "Victoria and Abdul", leaving out the subliminal messages, I laughed out loud many times and my pain receded for a while. I believe that love and friendship is as good a medicine as you can get ! I am on Morphine ( Zormoph 30 mg slow release) twice a day and Gabapentin (400 mg three times a day) with 10mg Sevredol instant release morphine for breakthrough pain ( that is a joke as I have the pain all the time), I find them all of limited usefulness at this time. My best advice is be as cheerful as possible, join a support group that you can attend weekly or monthly where you can have a good rant, get out socialising as much as possible. I am so sorry that I cannot help you very much, I hope that you can find an answer soon and your health takes a turn for the better

  • Your reply is so lovely heart felt ... thank you. My sister won't let me just veg away she's always telling me what the plan is next where we the way we to went to see Victoria and Abdul...brilliant and yes even though my pain was still there I gripped my arm rests at pictures and enjoyed the film. But your right about socialising I have a fantastic family unit and brilliant friends that don't let me give up which I sometimes feel


  • Good luck with that, I hope that I come across something that will help us all, you will be the first to know !

  • Mr wheelzybronch, What a positive person you are. Credit to you for your advice. I totally agree with you that you must keep your mind active as well as your body. I have so many hobbies I feel that going to bed at night is interfering with my 'me' time. Well done to youX

  • Great to hear, having hobbies is a really good distraction, I wish you well ! xx

  • How much gabapentin are you on a day ?

  • Gabapentin 300mg 3 ... 3 times a day

  • I m on 1800 ml a day myself , I was on more but the side effect were too much and I wernt any better off for it so I came back down too 1800 a day

  • Victoria,

    I have been on Gabapentin for a number of years. I have had 2 back surgeries and fusions. I suffer from back pain continually, also. If I know I am going to be on my feet for any length of time. I wear my brace that I received at the hospital. Gabapentin is for nerve pain. Is that the kind of pain you have? I take Hydrocodonext 10/325 for my back pain. The Gabapentin is for the neuropathy in my legs. And I take 1200mgs 3 X a day and 1800mgs 1 X a day. I also take Balcofen10 3 X a day that is for the spasms in my back.

    You've gotten a lot of answers. Have been to a pain specialist? I went to one and he wanted me to take Morphin but I won't, so I get by with the help of my others medications that I mentioned. Hope you find what works for you. Best wishes to you.

  • Good morning. Thank you for your reply. Not to sound cruel but it helps me reading about other people's pain oh that sounds terrible but I don't mean it to. I'm on gabapentin 300mg 3 .. 3 times a day duloxetine 30mg 2 on a morning co codiodmol 500mg 2 four times a day plus creams tens machine. Just push and push myself other wise I'd seize up

    Hope your feeling better have a good day

  • Victoria, I'm sorry you are in so much pain! I'm right there with you. I suffer from lower back pain, neck pain..had surgery on both over 12yrs ago. And yes I found relief for about 10yrs. Anyway that is only the beginning of my pain. I have been stricken with small fiber sensory neuropathy. My PA didn't know what I had so I was sent to a neurologist after several other doc's. So after a battery of tests, mri's blah blah blah, that's what he came up with. I affects every part of my body. It's severe pain, hot needles and pins. Feeling like there has been a wasp nest dropped on me. I wasn't able to do anything. It was REDICULOUS! So I got onthe web and found that some were taking gabapentin or neuronton or Lyrica. So I asked for it since doc was stuck...we had tried a kinds of meds. I have been on it for four yrs by now. I take the highest dose allowed. 3400mg per day. 36mg is the max I guess. So it really has helped my back's a God send. It helps a lot with my nerve pain, but not always. I don't know the med that you mentioned you take with it. Can you tell about it. I do take oxy along with it 4 per day. All I know is it wasn't working on its own. The nerve pain is still around, but we are trying different things with it. Most of them so far have taken a toll on my brain..they seem to se.d into a manic state. So, Victoria that's what I have for you,. Wondering how much do you take? Have a nice evening sweetie.

  • Hello vixonpurple I take gabapentin 300mg 3... 3 times a day duloxetine 30mg 2 on a morning co codiodmol 500mg 2 .. 4 times a day plus creams.. tens machine.. I do aqua yoga in a fashion.. I'm having aqua puncher.. which isn't helping. But needs must... oh and plenty of screaming in a towel just my way of releasing tension x

  • Hi Victoria, I have been on 3 x 600mg. gabapentin a day for over 3 years. (for cluster headaches < bloody awful things!). I am not aware of ANY affects bad or good from taking them. I have now weened myself off them. I hope they do something for you. I have an ileostomy (due to Ulcerative Colitis) for 58 Years & Chron’s for about 1 year. I also take Co-codamol 8 x 500mg./day (effervescent tabs) they take about 20 mins to work & are mildly effective for about the same time. Good luck to you. I know what back pain is like! The only thing that really helps me with pain is a stiff drink.🍷

  • Thank you for caring. It sounds silly but I didn't realise how many people suffer from back pain at 1...2 ..3 so on clock of the morning I think I'm the only one ... I do appreciate your reply. Cheers 🥂

  • Hi Vicky

    So sorry your in such pain. Sara from HealthUnLock ask me , because I am taking Gabapentin, if I could respond to you with any help or advice that I may have. Truth is I am taking only one 100 mg tablet of Gabapentin and three Pramipexole 150 mg tablets a day for a severe case of restless leg syndrome and they are doing a great job. After saying that, in the past three years I have had both knees replaced and open hart surgery, so I am no stranger to pain. I was in constant pain for several years before the knee surgeries and no prescribed pain meds that I was given including Oxycodone and Percocet would control it. After my hart surgery my family Doctor gave me a prescription for 800 mg Ibuprofen tablets. These controlled the pain very well all though I understand that they may have some serious side effects.

    I sincerely hope you soon find relief, don't give up! For give me for the long winded reply.

  • Thank you for your reply you must be a very strong person by now after your history. And believe it or not (not in a horrible way) it's good to hear good luck x

  • Hi Vicky, Sorry about all your pain. As I write this I am in agony with my worn sacro joint and this too is worming around and into my hip. Very sharp pain like appendix pain. Painkillers are useless. Don't know how to stop it, but I'm sitting here with my fist balled up into my joint which helps, but I can't physically sit like this all night. Just keep getting up and walking around to keep me moving.

  • Thank you for your reply I'm back in doctors this morning. Please god let him help me. Fingers crossed xx

  • Victoria Webster, hello, good day to you. I'm replYing to yr post about lower back pain & hip pain. I too suffer from lower back pain, however, I found out I hv a prolapsed bladder, which can cause back pain. You might want to get yr badder checkled by yr gynecologist & find out if it's out if position. This MAY (Im not a Dr. But was told) cause back pain & of course utero pain. I'm NOT saying "for sure", because we're all different, however, in my case, the uterus is sitting so far low on the wall of my uterus, it cld possibly fall out. I'm scheduled to hv this evaluated yet again by another Dr. & see if he decides to operate & lift mine. I found this out, because I too suffer from incontinence. At such a young age, this very painful & does cause back pain. I wish you the best in your road to recovery. Sincery, Tiffany124thW

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