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New Diagnosis CRPS

Hi Everyone- First post in this group (been a member of quit smoking for months)

I am 6 weeks post op from a partial knee replacement, I was diagnosed with CRPS at my 6 week post op appointment. My ortho surgeon was not very helpful. At least 3 times he said "the knee's fine, this pain isn't my field of study" So he wrote a script for Gabapentin and also for PT and sent me on my way.

My question: for anyone suffering with this disease- what exactly am I getting PT for? I've called several PT groups asking about PT for CRPS and I am not really getting any cohesive therapy protocol. Its all over place some say gentle therapy another say they go intense. Any help will be appreciated.

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Gabapentin really does not help me. If I take the dose I was prescribed it makes me feel sick and high which I don't like. I have to take it because of chronic nerve pain. But went back down to 300 mg. It could help you and you may have no side effects. I wish you the best


I am finding the 600 mg 3 x day is not helping at all. Plus it makes me so hungry. I've only been on it 3 days and have gained 3 pounds. Not a long term side effect I want that is for sure. I will cut does in 1/2 and see how that works. Thanks for your reply.


mine was 600 and I cut back. It just makes me feel sick, but I am on 8 different kinds of meds for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, 300 does not bother me as bad.


Ask your doctor for pregabelin instead. It's not such a dirty drug, and is much easier to take


You need to see a pain consultant. Ask your GP for a referral. If the gabapentin isn't helping you (and it didn't work for me either), then there are other drugs you can try. For example I take nortriptyline, others amitriptyline. By PT , I am guessing you mean physiotherapy. This did help for me but make sure the therapist is familiar with CRPS first. It can help you with the stiffness but most importantly the hypersensitivity. Good luck.


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