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Cbd oil

Has anyone taking cbd oil had symptoms of vertigo. It is weird as it only happens when I am upstairs. The only thing I can think of is that downstairs the floor is concrete and upstairs are wooden floor boards.

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Very odd! Never heard of it before.

Try in someone's house who has a concrete floor upstairs



Have you been tested for diabetes?



No but hubby is type 1 and he regularly tests us for it

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I have asked about your vertigo. Answer has come back no one we can find on CBD has ever experienced your symptoms!! Baffled us all.

If you suffer vertigo it would be downstairs as well as upstairs.

Have you tested for diabetes?

Or thyroid?

So....it certainly has nothing to do with the CBD.

Baffled again but if they help you keep taking them



I had the problem few years back.I consulted an ENT who opined that t could be due to imbalance in the fluid in the ears.He suggested me to take tablet vertin for a week,make circular round clockwise and anticlockwise,then while sitting on bed to turn the body to left and right.I have no problem thereafter.However you may consult an ENT


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