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Last nights experience

Last night I went out for a couple of beers with a friend. Cut a long story short, I didn’t drink much but in the early hours of the morning I woke up to vomit.

After vomiting for quite a while I could feel my heart pounding, and it was irregular. It didn’t hurt or I didn’t get any chest pain, it went back to normal after a few deep breaths.

Should I be worried?

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Hi this is awful isn't it? I shouldn't worry too much about it as you could have had a dodgy pint or you could have eaten something which disagreed with you.

If this happens again or is allied with other strange symptoms then keep a note of them and when they started and see your doctor.

I have just done this myself because of some strange symptoms - the first ones I ignored but when others appeared I went to the doctor and told her. Because of this she has done blood tests and said I might need further tests. x


Thanks for the reply and advice


I think you should be careful in drinking you know when they say do not drink alcohol while taking certain medicines. There is a reason for that. It hits you faster. I’m not trying to be bossy but you need to be careful. Before I was diagnosed with MS and I use to take these medicines I always would enjoy a glass of wine once a week, but now I can’t even have a glass of wine. Be careful.


The heart pounding and irregular heartbeat may have been adrenaline which your body released as part of the response to vomiting. I use the deep breath trick too! I used to get that from any situation where adrenaline was released; if I went into the cold without a coat on, if I was very tired, if I had low blood sugar levels.

As others have said, keep a note if it happens again, but it isn't likely to be anything serious. I was sent to cardiology but they found nothing.


Thanks very much for the reply


Bearing in mind that you had drunk alcohol, which is not recommended, and it 'Cleared' quite quickly......then NO I wouldn't worry too much. However if this happens again, especially several times, then yes do see your Doctors/Consultants.

Happy New Year



It's called a hangover this is a site for people suffering from excruciating pain hope you find a better pint next time


Hi this is ssdw1958 I am on vacation and wish I could take a drink 🥃 but I cannot I have MS and the media’s that I am on do not mix well with them I you take me medicines that say don’t mix with alcohol than you shouldn’t as you can tell with the after affects neither helps but it doesn’t matter what I say you’re a grown up you’ll know what to do.

Good luck in your decision.


Do you take any medication? Tbh it sounds like you didn’t eat enough you had low blood sugar and the drink made you go funny it happens to everyone and if it went after a few deep breaths then it’s nothing if it happens a lot when you drink then I would stop drinking for a while


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