Australia of course

Where do you go on holiday when you live in Tenerife?

Australia of course!

First time in almost 7 years.

On third repack as weather updates get better. No warm clothes here so started with what i could find in my wardrobe. Now weather in Australiais improving daily as they go into summer so ut come the shorts.. Never really been away!

Fly from here to Gatwick...the worse airport for any disabled traveller. Overnight stay then Emirates Business Class on Wednesday. Yup robbed my piggy bank and going in style.

David reasonably stable although sad he can't make the long journey with me. Haus Frau and close friend to keep both eyes on him and help where needed..He will be fine. I go back again to that vast beautiful country with its warm wonderful people

See you all in few weeks

Pat x

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  • Have a great time and I know David will be just fine. X

  • With no internet I shall never know!!


  • bon voyage Pat , have an absolutely fantastic holiday down under. On my bucket list one in the not too distant future.

  • XXX

  • Come to my country!! Haha I hope you have a decent and smooth trip here~ not sure which state you’ll be coming to but weather is bit up and down lately with spring storms (least here in Queensland it is!) so bring a thin jacket and maybe pair of long pants just in case as well. For the most part it’s clearing up and warming up! Great time to be visiting ^-^

  • Thanks have a fabulous country! Down in S Victoria then up to border with NSW. Been listening to weather very closely. Packed everything just in case!!


  • Welcome~ and that sounds like a great trip planned! Hope the weather is fine and sunny throughout your holiday ^-^

  • I’ll be there in January. Melbourne for the tennis. Plus a couple of weeks sightseeing. Second trip there. Last time we did Perth, Melbourne and Sidney. Had a great time so looking forward to coming back

  • Nice! Coming right in Summer so should be nice and hot but the sun will be great ^-^ And what better way to spend the summer day than at Tennis and sightseeing. Glad to hear you had a great time before and hope you do again! :D

  • Have a good time out there, like you I spent a long time in a place most people only think of as a holiday destination and use to tell people I have not had a holiday in 10 years but living on my sail boat in the Caribbean was just a long holiday.

    Wishingyou all the best for your holiday


    Regards Poppy Ann.

  • Thanks Poppy_Ann.....friends do ask why do I need to leave our island??!! With 4 hr flight to Gatwick before I even start I am now wondering that myself!!


  • Lol. I hate Gatwick too. We are flying from Heathrow. Abu Dhabi first to see new year in then on to Oz.

  • Have a lovely time. My step son and family are going for 3 weeks next October.

    Hugs Liz xo

  • Good time to go as Spring. They wilt love it!


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