Sorry to complain

I just need to get this out and I'm sure many of you will understand.

I've had a couple days bad pain so Tuesday night I went for a swim. Wednesday I felt a bit better but today I'm in agony.

I've had to walk off shop floor from my job to go to the locker room to cry because my pain is so bad just this moment. I'm sure it'll subside as it always does but I know the next session of pain won't be long after.

I'm still trying to get an appointment with my GP after 5 months of trying. I'm hoping I'll get one soon as I'm really struggling to cope now.

Again, sorry to complain. I just need to get it out.

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  • Why have you had to wait 5 months to get a GP appointment?


  • We only have 1 doctor for the whole Village/town :(

    He's booked 3 weeks in advance(as far as their calendar allows). On the day appointments go very quickly - you have to call at 8:30am for a morning appointment and 1:30pm for an afternoon appointment. By about *:33 the appointments are fully booked.

    They don't offer cancellation appointments throughout the day like some other practices do.

  • Nightmare.

    Can you ask for a telephone one? Or try call back?

    If you are having problems with working and have a long term health or disability problem then you should speak with your employer.

    Under the law you can ask for reasonable adjustments. This could involve less hours. Breaks or something similar.

    Sounds silly but do you have a union? Or supervisor you could speak with first?Explain what is happening. You can not be dismissed for being disabled or having a health problem


  • I have a union. My bosses already tell me to take any breaks I need even if it's extra to what I already take. They're very good like that as other managers here would not say to do that.

    I've tried telephone ones but they never call and when I decide to call them the Dr isn't there. It's very frustrating :(

  • OK well speak with your union again and tell them what you have written here.

    Also tell the practice manager the difficulties you are having. Camp on their doorstep!


  • Thank you x

    It's subsided to just sciatica now which I find easier to cope with but I'm sure the other pain will be back soon.

  • Have you tried going in to the doctors surgery before 8.30 and waiting in line for a emergency appointment. That's what I have to do if i need to see my gp. The receptionists deal with people in the que before they answer phones. In my surgery they actually take the phones off the hook until the que is dealt with. That's why when you eventually get through on phone all appointments have gone. Just a suggestion but it works for me. Shocking you have to wait that long x

  • I'm going to try that tomorrow AM. I normally start work at 6am and don't finish until after 2pm which is why I call for the appointments.

    I'm also going to hand in my paperwork to allow me to book my appointments online in future. With a mainly OAP population heels there hopefully won't be too much competition in that area.

  • Hope you get sorted. Honestly that's the only way I can get a appointment. I once was waiting for a appoinment at 1.40 and that's when I witnessed that they took phones off the hook. It's a disgrace as most people with chronic pain can't get the doctors once a day never mind twice. Good luck anyway xx

  • I agree, a 5 month wait is quite unbeliebable and totally unacceptable.

    I live in Luton which is full to the rafters but we can still get same day appointments.

    You need to be more forceful.

    What is your GP's name and where is the practise?

  • I'm sure you'd understand me not wanting to post such details.

    I have an appointment next week but my pain has now subsided so not sure what'll be done.

  • Hi GRnads, I am pleased that you have finally got an appointment.

    My humble advice to you would be to write down everything that you feel on your WORST day; the day that made you leave the shop floor, and cry at your locker.

    Start your list with the worst pain, and write brief notes about each thing on your list. (You could make a copy of the list for the Dr to keep.)

    If you are not in too much pain on the day of your appointment, your list will keep you focused on the worst times, and you could always say how difficult it has been to get an appointment, especially when it has been an emergency situation.

    If you have someone with you, they can encourage you to keep strong, and even say how much they have seen you suffer.

    Finally, you do not need to apologise for taking up the Dr’s time! (I used to do this a lot due to low self esteem and anxiety...) You have as much right to be there as anyone else and you are important!

    Sending you all best wishes and I hope that you get some answers.

    Sue xx

  • Thank you Sue. It's not until later this week but I'm going to try to get an appointment today. I'm about a 7/10 so not terrible but I'm getting there.

    My boss today has noticed my pain. He's offered to give me a different job, extra people to help and to go sit down as often as I need to. He wasn't in last week to notice.

    I'm so grateful for all the support and advice I am receiving here. It's a great help.

  • You are so lucky to have a boss that is working with you and willing to help you. Some of us were not given that.

  • I am lucky. In my previous store I wasn't this lucky.

    I dislocated my knee one day in my old store and they still expected me to come back the next day. (I'm used to the dislocation - happens most days now but then it was a rare occurance).

  • I think after 5 months I would phone the rheumatology department at the hospital and explain to them the situation, I'm sure they would see you.

  • Thank you. I'll see if I can find the number and see what they say.

    I'll continue to pester my Dr's too until I can contact the hospital.

    It's just making me tired. I've had back pain for over a year following a car accident and all I ever get is pain killers. I want to ask for surgery on my knees but I'm sure they'll tell me no as I've lived with it for 16years.

    Doesn't help that I'm not a very demanding/commanding person. I'd much rather just suffer if it means a quiet life without confrontation.

  • I think a good blow out would do you the world of good, actually.

  • I have to let you know you need to speak up for your self or get someone who will speak up for you. You are a very important person don’t let those doctors play games with your life. PLEASE CALL THE DOCTOR AND GET THE HELP YOU DESERVE TO GET.

  • That’s alright you know we will listen and understand your pain I hope you get your appointment soon. I have a question for you if you call every day will you get an appointment faster because waiting that long and your in so much pain is ridiculous don’t you think.

    That’s my point of view.

    Can you tell that I am an impatient person.

  • I do call every day but it doesn't seem to have made a difference thus far.

    I'll be popping in tomorrow AM just before 8:30am in the hopes they'll see me before answering phones for appointments. OH said he'll come with me. Hopefully I can be seen before work then.

  • That’s a great idea sneak up on them you can do it.

  • There's no need to apologise, if your in pain and you've got no one to talk or share your thoughts with then this is one of the forums to mention how your feeling.

    sorry to hear that it's taking such a long time to get an appointment with your GP that's shocking, can I ask you were your pain is?

    I've been getting sharp shooting pains in the upper abdominal area and lately it seems to be effecting my lower ribs now! It has effected my work and now family life.

    I hope you'll start to feel better soon, if anything have you tried calling your local hospital maybe they can suggest something? I wish you all th best and don't be a stranger.

  • Thank you.

    So I get chest pains with my Costochondritis but that wasn't an issue yesterday.

    I have pain with my chondromylasia patella and yesterday it was considerably bad in my right knee.

    My back was the worst though. It's lower back just above the pelvic bone. I've had no investigation into it and have had the pains for 1 year 3 months following a car accident.

    With my knee problem I also get hip pain, which I was experiencing this morning but now that I think about it, it may have been sciatica.

    I didn't get an appointment this morning. I had a bad nights sleep and ended up sleeping in. I'm at work now but pain is manageable so far today. I'll try the appointment on Monday when I have a day off work.

  • Hi GRNads

    Have you tried A&E and if the OH can go as back up you have to be seen when you're in so much pain. They'll send a report to your doctor who probably won't know your situation of how long you've tried for an appointment. Have you asked for a house call? Another thing to try is write to your GP explaining how long you've tried and the pain you're in. They have to pass the letter as it is against the law to hold it back, keep a copy.

    I can almost feel the pain you must be in, but this length of wait is appalling! This practice is not working and should be reported.

    I do hope to hear how you get on and please don't hesitate to write here again. I'd come with you too if you were close so best wishes and good on the OH for their support.

  • Thank you very much xx

    I'm most grateful for your support and all the other support I am receiving. OH has offered to call at 1:30pm to get me an appointment and I'll leave work to attend if he manages it. I'll have to make up the time another day.

    So far today the pain is minimal and easy to manage. I've not had any painkillers and I can only just feel the pain. (like a 2/10)

  • Nellmac is right just go to A&E when you are in pain.

  • I would second getting online so that you can book appointments online. They will release the online appointments at specific times. Get friendly with the receptionist and ask her when they release them. Then you can keep checking at the right times. Also sometimes you can pick up cancellations there too. People will book an appointment for next week, but then cancelling it if they manage to get one on the day by ringing up.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you for the tip x

  • Our surgery release the online appointments just after midnight - so if im having a sleepless night - i book a sameday one online. Otherwise i suggest you book one in advance and at least you know youve got it. Good luck xx

  • Thank you x

  • Like others, I strongly recommend camping on the surgery doorstep from about 8:15am - that's what I do.

    I didn't know that surgeries might release online appointments just after midnight... I suppose it must be computerised. I don't think mine does, as there's never an online appointment for the same day. But maybe those in the know have snapped them up in the early hours!

    I hope you get some proper attention soon. It sounds to me as if there's a variety of causes for your pains, and the current stresses only serve to aggravate them.

    Hope you get some progress soon. xx

  • Just to update...

    Was on the door at 8:30am. They were unable to offer me an appointment when I wanted so instead the receptionist booked me in to have a call at some point today from the Dr who will talk to me about it over the phone and book me in that afternoon if she feels she needs to see me. She was shocked to know I've had this reoccurring pain for over a year following a car accident.

    I will update after the call as to what the plan is. OH just tells me to ask for an MRI. I'll be sure to point out its gradually getting more painful each day and sometimes the pain is incredibly intense.

  • Yeah I’m glad for you better make that list and check everything off you need to have andwered


  • Another update:

    Dr called and would like to see me for an examination but her original plan is better pain relief and physio.

    Upon examination she will decide if there may be nerve damage or need for any diagnostics. She's booked me in for a time after my OH finishes work so he'll come with me and push for MRI. (I don't really push for anything I might need, not my nature).

  • Well done! I am so pleased that you have made progress, that your Dr has listened to you, believed you and is going to help! That is exactly as it should be...

    I am delighted that you reached out and we were able to encourage you to go to the Dr, and you did.

    Now, make your list and talk to them face to face, push for your scan, you deserve it and are entitled to it!

    Well done xx

  • <3 You truly are lovely Sue

  • ❤️

  • Seen Dr. Given stronger pain relief & nerve blockers. Referred for physio who will be able to assess my back better and refer me for scans if needed. (She's said she is unable to refer for those types of things)

    She said it sounds like sciatica but I did explain this feels different to the sciatic I've been experiencing for the last year.

  • Well done! I really hope that you get a good night’s sleep tonight.

    Please keep us updated with your progress; I’m sure that we will all cheer you on each step of the way.

    Take care xx

  • Really sorry to come here and complain even more but I had such a bad nights sleep.

    My back is bad, I keep getting hot flushes and I feel faint. Currently sat off shop floor trying not to cry. I'm only 24 and have been in pain since I was 9(other conditions)... I just want a break from it all for just one day. Again, I'm sorry to complain. I'm sure there are others with much bigger struggles than mine.

  • Why don't you go to a walk in centre or a and e.

  • I have a fear of hospitals due to an incident when I was younger. The only time I will go there is if I lose consciousness and someone else calls an ambulance.

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