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Shoulder, woulda coulda.

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Hi all,

It's probably been queried here many times ... Every so often my left shoulder/collar bone/ neck ache (tip of shoulder moreso) it's usually find in the morning but come evening I can't raise my arm sidewards and slight movements can bring sharp pain. Paracetamol is keeping it bearable for the most part but I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me what it could be (I'm reluctant to go go). Many thanks in advance.


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I had a shoulder inpingement and could not lift my arm outwards past nine o'clock

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Sorry and could only move it forward the same without horrible shooting pains.

I had 3 steroid injections in a year and was told could have no more and had to have an operation to mend it. I'm gllad i did as its been brand new since.

Could be impingement, might be ligaments etc. Might be worth looking at Shoulder Doc site as it's good at describing various conditions:

Talk to your GP about it if it's starting to be too regular for you?

I am suffering greatly at the moment with shoulder, neck and clavicle pain. Partly due to osteoarthritis in my cervical spine and partly due to a hypermobile clavicle.

I am in the process of getting investigated for this. I suggest, you too, should visit the doctor and start the ball rolling. I went for about a year with mini flare ups that were uncomfortable but resolved quickly. Now I have been 2 weeks unable to sit upright without neck support and with pain that nothing touches.

Get it investigated -yes?

Good luck


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