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Broken right shoulder

Hi everyone so sad to read how so many people are living with awful debilitating pain everyday, I'm in awe of your braveness.

I broke my right shoulder five weeks ago am in a sling - ?? and have had some pain relief morphine but it made me itch so much I scratched myself till I was bleeding. My problem is other pain relief isn't helping and boy have I tried them all!

I'm going from anger to tears and the family loosing patience any tips?

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rather than scratching yourself with your fingernails have you any rough socks or something like this. not a scrubbing pad. even a rough towel is good its better than scratching yourself utill you bleed as this could cause infection.you'd be quite amazed at how affective a rough sock or towel can be at quelling an itch. im sorry to hear that you broke your shoulder you must be in agony and will need the morphine or the doctor would not have given it to you. i hope that you try this and find some relief. all the very best. love grace xoxoxo


Thank you, what a brilliant idea, and it works!! Thank you xoxoxo



Sorry you have such a nasty injury - I really hope you heal well and soon 😊

Your pharmacist can give you an antihistamine which will help with the itch, it's a very common side effect of morphine I'm afraid but yes it's an effective med for acute pain such as yours.

Take good care


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Have got some! I'm so grateful .

Wishing Love and laughter and NO PAIN OR ITCHING


Hi shoulders can be hell, I suffer with them as well as back, for scratching on sore skin I use a woman's tights stretched onto my hand it works well on sore skin! I was told this by a doctor when he saw how many scars I have and advised it because some still itch! Be well, best wishes my friend, Frank D

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Don't know how to thank you I have some deep scratches which still bleed because I can't leave them alone scratching in my sleep!! and they drive me mad! But this works

Thank you so much

Wishing you comfort joy and laughter

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Thank you and anytime your very welcome also have you thought of wearing cotton gloves at night - you may scratch but it won't do as much damage!

Good luck

Frank D

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