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COCCYX pain control options. What works


Had injections and manipulation under x-ray. Had 8 or 9 since 2013 .omnipaque 300. Mixture 5% chirocaine. 40mg kenalo

They mostly worked but not so good now and chiro and other medical have said not good to have more than 3.

I need other options b4 I have to consider removal. I have other issues with nerve damage so any success out there so I can ask my consultant be great.

Thank you

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Hi, I understand your pain and despair. I have had serious chronic coccyx pain for nearly 3 years. I had an injection which didn't work . I started having treatment at sayer clinic in London . Had numerous manipulations and the coccyx freed . I also have pn damage from fall . My coccyx is still so painful, cannot sit, spend my life lying down or standing. It is thoygh however 80% better from my treatment at sayer clinic. It is however expensive and slow progress.

I wish you well in your search for treatment.


Jacq2009 in reply to Baileydog

I found yesterday a chap called Dr maigne.. he works in Paris but cost of 2 day trip is cheaper than if I pay in UK... euro was 500 for both visits with x-ray injections and recommendation.... I think I need removal... lady told me about Dr hardy in Bristol but private.. I going look .. think I go have injections first while I look ... x

Baileydog in reply to Jacq2009

That seems like a really good price. I am waiting at my pain management clinic to see if they will do injections into coccyx but they are still debating funding ! I think now my coccyx is freed that an injection may settle it down . Who knows. Let me know how you get on please.

Jacq2009 in reply to Baileydog

Sometimes the injections work like fairy dust has been sprinkled on it then other times it only takes the edge off...

I will post when we get some info xxx

By time flights hotel ect are added it's same as here but this way we get mini break to x

Hidden in reply to Baileydog

Please write to your MP over this if you really are suffering.

I had the surgery 18 months ago, best thing I ever did x

Jacq2009 in reply to Pippins2

That's so good to hear. Was this in UK. Did you have full removal . Any tips for recovery..

Pippins2 in reply to Jacq2009

Hi yes in the UK and full removal.Best tip is don't sit at all for at least 6 weeks then build up sitting very slowly. I started at 5 minutes a day and only increased by 5 minutes each week. Buy a good quality coccyx cushion. I can recommendthe Bael wellness coccyx cushion x

Jacq2009 in reply to Pippins2

Oh that's great tip. Thank you x I been given name of Birmingham consultant.... spilsbury....i am in Staffordshire. I will look up the cushion x

I got the cushion it's great. Thanks

Hi Jacq2009,

I have chronic lower back, legs and mobility problem since 4/1/2000. I'm now having awful coccyx pain / pressure which is affecting my butt either side of my coccyx and all through my genital area but not been offered anything for it as on quite a lot of meds. It's awful and sitting is hell like my bits are being gripped with pliers. Any advice?

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