I'm new here... PLEASE HELP I just want the pain to stop!!

I'm 26 and have been having horrendous headaches for just over 4 years now.

The pain is situated in the back, left to middle part of my head and can have a sharp stabbing pain occasionally. the pain is continuous and never stops.

I originally thought that it may have had something to do with the fluid I had on my brain as a child (I was 3 months premature) so I booked in with my GP and this was the first thing I mentioned to them - they said it would have been different symptoms if it was the fluid on my brain, so that put my mind at rest.

I have seen several doctors about my headaches over the years and have been referred to the hospital. Through the hospital I have had two MRI scans (which have both come back clear) I have also been for a hormones test and a insulin stress test to see what could be causing the headaches - these came back clear too!

I have had sever eye test through the hospital as well as having my glasses changed too - the doctor thought this may be what was causing the headaches - sadly not!

I'm coming to the end of my tether with it all! I just want all the pain in my head to stop, but I also want to know the cause of my headaches and know that whatever it may be that it can be treated.

What else could I do?

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  • So as a former nurse, I'm going to figure you have consulted with a neurologist. I was having migraines almost daily. He started me on a B.P pill went up to three times a day, did not cause my pressure to drop.Helped a lot with the headaches. Just stopped them and am trying Imitrex as needed. Good Luck. In my prayers.

  • I have seen my neurologist, and eye doctor too. All the eye doctor has said is "Your eye sight hasn't really changed, see you in a year" so that wasn't much help!

    What is BP? I'm currently on Propranolol for my headaches, sadly these are doing nothing for them.

  • So sorry to hear that. I assume that you have seen a neurologist as you mentioned that you had mri scans? My sister used to get terrible migraines until she took this doctors advice. She takes magnesium, coenzyme q10 etc and watches her diet. I know allergens, toxins , hormones etc can be a factor. I hope that these articles help.



  • Thank you I'll take a look at the articles. I have seen my neurologist, also see the eye doctor. All the eye doctor has said was "Your eye sight hasn't changed, see you in a year" So I'm back to square one! I'm currently on Propranolol for my headaches, sadly these are doing nothing for me. I have a balanced diet and exercise regularly too.

  • I understand your fustration. I actually did a post recently about how pain medication did nothing for my neuropathy pain. I switched from conventional to functional medicine and it has helped take away some awful symptoms. You should be able to find it under my profile. I hope that also helps you. Being in pain is horrendous. Good luck.

  • I've suffered from migraine since i was 5yrs old (61yrs now). There was a break of about 4 yrs when they ebbed off - but now once again they are a regular occurence. Diagnosed by doctors is that they stem from stress. (I've had mri - just showed early stages of 'old age'!) I take Imigran which has only failed once over the past couple of years. Unfortunately you have to wait until the actual migraine kicks in before you can take it. It also makes you pretty drowsy - which i take as a blessing, as when i awake the migraine is either completely gone or ebbed off to a 'normal' headache. I hope you find some relief soon. Regards Rob

  • Thank you Rob, I will ask my doctor about Imigran and see what they say, my headache is always there, but the pain is similar to your with it getting worse and ebbing off in waves as such. Thank you for your advice and I hope that your headaches will be bearable.

    Thanks again, Laura.

  • Hi LuLu18, do you take any other tablets for your headaches? Sometimes people can develop a syndrome because they have been taking say Paracetamol every day to help prevent headaches but if the medication is taken over a long period of time the actual headaches become worse and the medication does nothing. When I was in the Forces I learned how to power nap. I can still do it now because I have chronic pain syndrome. It helps me to relax and I can now do it anywhere. Sit, lay or stand in a comfortable position, close your eyes and just think of something that you used to love doing when you were a child. Hold this nice feeling in your mind and take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for 4-5 seconds then slowly release it through you mouth. Allow any negative feelings flow out with that breath. Continue to think about this nice place or feeling and continue breathing nice and slowly. In and hold 4-5seconds, then out through your mouth again allowing small amounts of these negative feelings to be replaced by the nice feelings.

    Start doing this for about 5-10 minutes every 4-6 hours or as often as you want do. You will start to feel refreshed after a while. Once you have learned how to do this you can then do it when you have one of your bad headaches. The slow rhythmic breathing will slow down your pulse rate, any tension in your tummy and that horrible painful muscle tension in the back of your neck.

    Hope this will help your problem and resolve your headaches. Best regards Oldman1952

  • Thank you Oldman1952, I shall try this. I do meditation when I can, but all that does it make me tired and doesn't really take the headache away.

    I'll give the 'power nap' thing a go and see how it helps!

  • Did you ever get an xrayed of your neck? I have arthritis in my neck and have pain up the back of my head and sides of head. Horrible and makes me feel sick.

  • No I haven't had a xray on my neck Eileen72, the doctor or neurologist has never referred me for one.

  • Hi, I am not a medical person in anyway but reading your post you reminded me of my niece who sounded similar to yourself, it turned out, in her case, that her spinal fluid was 'under to much pressure' I think they found this with a lumber puncture, now it is under control she doesn't suffer headaches but I know she has it checked. Might be worth an ask?

    Hope your feeling better soon

  • Thank you Polly42, I'll have to ask my doctor or neurologist (whoever I manage to see first!) and see what they say about it.

  • I would get acupuncture. I have helped people that have this type of headache and it is usually a symptom of something else. Try eliminating common allergens in the diet and get a saliva test for hormones. They seem to effect the cycles of the ocurrences.They may be rooted in another imbalance and if you have done all the other tests to eliminate other possible causes then get to a good acupuncturist asap. Good luck

  • I'll ask my doctor If there are any other tests which they haven't already done that I could be sent for, just to rule out anything else. if not I will try acupuncture see if that helps in any way. Thank you :)

  • Looking at your post it seems no one has looked at posture and muscle behaviour. Worth seeing an Alexander Technique teacher and taking up a yoga class. The Alexander teacher to improve posture and muscle control. The yoga class to become more sensitive to your own body.

    Sleep is an important factor if you are not getting enough sleep then fine muscle control is likely to be lost.

    Hope this helps

  • It does! Thank you John. I'll have to see if there are any Alexander Technique teachers in my area

  • Hi, I was put on the same meds, I spoke of earlier, three times a day. they helped my migraines a lot. But after 1.5 years I tapered them down and changed them to as needed. Went back to Imitrex at the first sign of a migraine. I will admit I have more headaches now but not daily, Maybe 1-2 a week. I can deal with this. I know you have seen a neurologist, I asked before. That's who helped me. I'm sure you've had the tests's I've seen asked on here. If so, dark rooms, quiet, decrease in stress, I know. Keep you in my prayer's. Hope you have a glorious God given week. I care.

  • Thank you. Stress reduction may be a difficult one, as I have a 5 year old son and i'm a full time carer for my partner! So always on the go with little down time.

    I'll ask my doctor or neurologist about Imitrex and see what they say.

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