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Side effect of medicine

I am 40 yrs old female.I hv a problem of insomnia for last 12 years & on medication (Paroxetine).For last 2-3 yrs I got swelling in my lower legs.I went through so many tests but no result (thyroid,NCT,Doppler,RA factor,CRP,Antigen etc) but no use .4 months back I got severe pain in my legs around ankles (in Achilles' tendons with swelling) I couldn't even walk ...with wrist, back & hip pain.Then Dr gave me ferritin test along with vit D& vitb12 test & the results were shockingly low .I m taking supplements for last 4 months but very little improvement. Wrist pain & back pain has gone but the swelling & pain in tendons are still thr. Not able to walk .Ferritin injunctions& vit b12 injunctions hv given to me ,vit d 60000 iu i m taking once in a week. Are these all problems side effects of my long medication or deficiency is cause of swelling & Achilles' tendons.


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I had the same experience on Depakote… And hired I was is my ankles feet joint everything is swelled and it is just a side effect of some drugs. However after not taking the drug it should not be prevalent in your system and less you're making other things that would cause the symptoms. I thought I had cancer or something because my legs are also swollen… All to find out it was a little known side effect of Depakote only from Got


How you recovered & what Drs diagnosed...I m really in pain .. not able to stand & walk .


Oh… About insomnia… I have had my entire life and I finally had a psychiatrist put me on Seroquil 500 mg at bedtime

Within 20 minutes I am out cold for eight hours and sleep like a baby, I never slept more than two hours of my life prior to this it was actually a God thing too. They give it to people with psychosis etc. but it is a great sleep medicine actually an anticonvulsant but will pretty much like a horse out if I sleep with a level 10 pain at the time of going to bed

Pain kept me awake for years until all this drug and I can say you're actually knocks me out for 6 to 8 hours straight. I don't even roll over if I have a head wrap or something on it is still in place when I wake up. I thought I would have insomnia my entire life


Re insomnia...quetiapine is amazing for it. Am on 400mg at nite. Ask ur psychiatrist about it. 😊💛💚💛💚


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