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Is this normal

I am taking tramadol 2at night and 400mg ibuprofen 2or 3 times a day for help with back pain but I feel tired all the time is this normal x

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Ibuprofen didn't badly affect me at all but I had to stop taking Tramadol because of the side effects one of which was extreme fatigue.x

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One of my sisters has severe osteoarthritis and took a high dose of tramadol for years. One of the main reasons she stopped it was because of the fatigue. So I would say this is common. There might be other pain killers which don't cause this or not so much so maybe a chat with your doctor wouldn't come amiss. x


I only ever took it once and it help my leg pain better than other things. No pain meds come with out side effects. I wish I were as brave as many people on here.


Hello there, one of the side effects of Tramadol is tiredness, but they are good for severe pain to allow you to sleep . But as suggested maybe another painkiller might be better for you. Drugs with codeine in often work similar to Tramadol, just a suggestion See what your GP thinks.x

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Tramadol can make you feel really tired and weak all the time I was very lethargic when I was on it and had the shakes and the runs. I had to come it and was given naproxen which made no diference to my pain so now I take ibuprofen but only when I am really really unwell. I think you should talk to doc about the tiredness and any other effects you feel may be caused by the medication.

I could barely move all last week I was in so much pain but stuck to ibuprofen.

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While it is certainly true that the Tramadol will cause drowsiness, pain itself can cause fatigue.

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There is nothing about backpain that is normal to me anyway. I have been dealing with it for years and it is just too time consuming..

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Backpain is horrible. I am not as bad as most people but sometimes I am in such pain I can barely walk and then it is bent over. My doctor ignores it and just bungs 15 mgs of codeine at me. I take 30 and it doesn't even touch it so I don't bother any more. x

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I can sympathise with anyone who has experienced pain for longer than 3 months in any region of their body. I have worked with several of these people and unfortunately the education that is required to recover from this state is often lacking in GP consultations and with physiotherapists. I would suggest a good place to start would be this recent video by Dr Lorimer Moseley who is the world leader in explaining how prolonger pain actually works.

I'm happy to answer any further questions.



Yes tramadol can make you a bit 💤 drowsy. If you have kidney problems your not suppose to take ibuprofen but if your kidneys ok then it's fine.

Problem with chronic pain is the body becomes tolerant to the tablets making you up the dose that's the danger if the vicious circle I got into in tramadol. I was over using them and they no longer worked cos I came immune to them and they just didn't work anymore and were damaging my kidneys in the long run and I already had kidney failure.

Do I made a point of stopping all painkillers for about three months painful the withdrawal symptoms but necessary.

Then I decided to change to oxycodeine but keeping to a streaky dose and only using if really necessary like if the pains are unbearable or I have a special day out and need to function properly otherwise I just take nothing and take the pain as I know that regularly taking then will make my body immune to them again and affect my already end stage kidney failure now on dialysis.

Because I have so many complexities of medical conditions I suffer with multitudes of pains everywhere different places at different times it's so erratic?!! 🙄🙄

I saw my pain specialist years ago after severe fracture to my femur bone from osteomalacia ethereal I needed arid and screw surgery to stabilise the fracture and prevent any more i that leg. I was suffering with the leg pain spine pain kidney and kidneys stone pains that I demanded something safe but strong enough to give me some relief. So they eventually administered Clonazepam which is an anti-convulsions tablet, tranquilizer, anti-anxiety tablet and muscle relaxer.

I've be been taking them now since 2004. I'm prescribed 4mg at night but usually take them when stressed pained cramped anxious and struggling with sleep. I take them when needed.

But in the last year I've been getting extremely severe bladder spasms that feelings like I'm peeing shards of glass and using the toilet the toilet literally every half hour with no sleep!! Hardly.


As soon as there's a slight bit of urine in my bladder I'm doubled up in pain and screaming from the contraction time spasms when I pee?!!

I've told my kidney drs my dialysis drs a urologist my GP for a year now and I feel I been lead in a merry go round.

Urologist have failed to give my GP permission to prescribe tablets then cos I was too sick to attend an appointment he struck me off?!! As a urologist he is not a kidney dr and I didn't take kindly to him telling me without discussing with my kidney team that when I have a transplant I have to have both my kidneys taken out. As far as I know this is NOT. normal practice in transplant patients. From Zheng he said that and failed to send a fax to my GP to start me in some kind of treatment to see if it would help I list all confidence in him and this was at a world know hospital Kings?!!

So I go back to GP referre me to my local hospital only to find out they don't have a urologist department 🙁.

So again I try to go to Kings but they denied my referral?! I don't care anyway I didn't like that department or dr what he said about my kidneys. In my eyes he was playing Gif and I didn't like that and neither did my partner.

So once again I'm being referred to another local hospital Queen Mary's/Queen Elizabeth's not sure of the name. And I demanded that the GP referred me to a spine/nerve specialist as I feeling cos of my osteomalacia in my leg that has a rod screw from an old fracture and problems in my lower spine I get the feeling it could be a spinal nerve trapped/compressed or entrapment that has damaged the nerves in my bladder. It's a string gut feeling I have and demand to get it investigated!!

In the meantime I have to suffer such agony with a his debilitating excruciating agonising pain that I have no choice but self medicate myself with my oxycodeine 3X a day if really bad with regular parecetomol and I have had no choice but to increase my clonazepam because I'm screaming literally in pain so I take 2 in the morning and two at night. It's not aw remedy I assure you but it just about makes it bearable since the drs don't give an arse about how I'm suffering in the meantime tivwait for my specialist appointments, physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially and with my marriage and family relationship cos I'm so miserable in bed with pain and fever most of the time. I'm completely housebound but that is cos I'm a wheelchair user from osteomalacia in spine and legs. BUT wheelchair users cab still get out using cars. '


I can't even ride in a care because the pain is too unbearable even small bumps in the road or breaking or turning a corner is absolute agony. I'm an absolute loss cause to take out at the "moment !!

I'm trapped and confined in the four walls if my apartment and only venture out in dialysis days and this in itself is absolute torture and I hate it the way things are going g for me at the moment!!!

The SELF medication I am prescribing for myself just aboutmake it bearable instead of being 10/10 It's only down to 8/9 out of ten not much different and the effects is making me drowsy. Slow unbalanced and a bit spaced out.

So I sincerely hope they get a move on with the referrals cos I feel I'm gonna crack up already I broke down in the car just cos I was out longer than I expected and needed to go to the loo even tho it was only a trickle the urgency and the pain and pressure on my bladder phenomenal!!!

Do I know it's a king post just gave you a heads up on why I'm taking a bit more than prescribed cos if damn drs ignorance. It's even affecting my dialysis treatment but no this hasn't given the drs any urgency.

If anything I feel like I'm being treated as a nuisance as I have to keep stopping the machine so I can have a toilet break. They not discreet about it making me feel a nuisance which so degrading especially as I have so many other conditions I have to attend to. I find then so inconsiderate and treat me like a lump of meat. "Next one please ". Under their body language I can see them saying she making us work harder why she so difficult difficult ?!!

It's just so embarrassing degrading in their attitude that I haven't the heart or the temperance to deal with their lack of care and understanding towards me that u just won't turn up sometimes.

Anyway u hope I get some results from the new referrals 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Because I genuinely haven't felt so useless and degraded in all my life.

I hope all works out for your condition and use wisdom and instincts when medicating yourself cos some of these drs with so called doctorates are literally clueless. They have no idea or no experiences of what we suffer they only follow books and guidelines. Not getting it properly know the patient and then discern what's our best cause of action cos we are not all the same we are all different and should be treated individually with more appointment times instead of always being rushed of to next patients.

Again u know the post is quite long and needs time to read. If you do get to read all of it I hope it has given you some kind if enlightenment or encouragement or something to think about for yourself and dealing with health professionals in the future.

Sending you gentle hugs 🤗 love ❤️ and positive vibes your way to deal with your situations in a better frame of mind.

May peace ✌🏾 be with you

All the best take care and don't hesitate to post if needed x. I keep a look out for you in future, Topcat56 xx

Yours sincerity

Sakinah 🌹

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Oh you poor thing this is all so unfair .if I was you I'd contact a solicitor who specialises in medical negligence why are these doctors not listening ,would it be worth seeking out a private consultant even for a one off appt .You need answers not one dept passing you to another .Please let me know how you get on and I will keep you in my prayers God bless 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Dear Topcat x

I'm vouching that this time the NHS Hospital for Lewisham and Greenwich will step up the mark and take my condition seriously this time and dealt with sone real professionals bit some pumped up old cronies whose been in the field too long and plays God and has a laxity and tendencies to overlook small but vital paperwork that is probably too beneath vin to bother frankly!!

I will keep you updated on any progress or ongoing investigation in my community post. Do keep a look out.

Watch this space......

As I write this I have the displeasure of being tortured riding in a car to my dialysis treatment. Even tho I've bunged myself up with a controlled variety of pain relief and relaxers to try alleviate done if the pain but to no avail. The urban roads in London is full of speed bumps everywhere you go!! 😤😤.

Then tonight no doubt I collapse into bed after being drained of done of my blood to clean out my system.

A free day tomorrow and the same torture all over again three times a week. If I didn't need dialysis I would not venture out at all until this monstrosity of pain will go!!

Oh well onwards and upwards. Keep up the Good fight. Staying strong 💪🏾 and focussed 👀 in the face of such adversities!!

Stand united in our fight together whatever our ailments or trauma maybe. ✊🏻✊🏾

Take care friend. I be watching out for you TopCat56 💜

Gentle hugs sent your way and may you be relieved of any sufferings you maybe afflicted with. 🙏🏾

Yours sincerely

A friend

Sakinah 🌹


I had terrible back and knee pain and was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis after an MRI scan. Daily living became impossible as a result. I have found traditional acupuncture really helpful - 11 sessions so far - and am now in no pain at all. Just thought I would share this with you. Best wishes.


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