This is me in a nut shell

This is me in a nut shell

Hi guys and girls. I have been living with chronic back pain for 2 1/2 yrs now and not been given any answers of what it is just been told there's a lot of the back which is unknown. With having no family and friends around I'm finding it very lonely and have no idea where to turn, all I have is my medication which is all they can pump me with. Sorry for bothering people.

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  • Em, don't ever say you're bothering people, don't ever feel like that.  This site is what this is for, sharing our concerns and asking for help.  So don't ever feel that way.  Tell me a bit more about you.  Have they diagnosed anything?  Have you had any treatments etc? Xx

  • Thanks Kat, just didn't know where to turn

  • I think you need to be asking to see a specialist if only to find d out what is wrong with your back. Have you been told nothing ? After 2 1/2 years surely you have seen someone, been referred to a pain clinic. 

    Let us know a bit more about the history if you think it might help.


  • Hey Noel. For starters your not annoying anybody. This site helps you meet people in similar situations as yourself. Go back to your doc about your pain. R there any groups in your area that you could join

  • Waiting to see doctor next, a bit about my back problems. I woke up 1 morning not being able to walk with pain running through my back and down my left leg with spasms down left leg. I have had 6 mri 1 cat scan and electro examinations. With a slight problem with l5 disc they couldn't find anything even though they could see the pain I was in they said it's just there are so many things we still don't know with the back and we may never know what it is. I now take 29 tablets a day and feel like they just think give him pills and he will go away.

    Thanks biddy, I don't know where to look for any sort of groups. I have no friends and live away from everyone so have no one to talk to or help find things

  • Im not any further forward im waiting on them changing my diagnosis to fybromyalgia or possibly m.s,i get same in legs and back as yourself then other symptoms to.chronic pain is what i was diagnosed with nearly 3yrs they thought 'with bit of something else going which theyd findout what',nearly3yrs later...

  • Keep going back to doctor until you get answers. They need to get a proper diagnosis of your pain and treat you properly. R u on Facebook you could search for friends uve had who you lost touch with 

  • Also bulging discs to

  • It sounds like there is a bulging disc, as the pain down your leg sounds like sciatica.  But you need to get more investiagtions and not be fobbed off with more tablets.  Keep pushing for answers 

  • I feel for you hun. It's debilitating to be in pain all the time. I know I live on morphine. I am sorry you have no family around but in my situation I wish at times. Because my and your pain isn't visible even my family get annoyed with me at times. They just don't get it.

    I am under kings college and after being with them 2 years and having 4 mris they still are guessing! I had a bad fall at work that started this. They think my discale bulge is trapping nerves. They have offered me an op that has only 65 per cent success rate. I jumped for it but it is constantly delayed to test for other things as they won't do it til last resort.

    My life has been turned upside down by this and the pain relief has such awful side effects. It is awful as when people ask what have I got the reply is a spinal injury and people don't get it.

    Keep plodding on hun. I only hope you and I get a diagnosis soon!! As it makes me feel like they think I'm putting it on. As the specialist says he cannot understand how the pain has got worse Ober the months.

    Keep on keeping on going!!


  • thanks sally nice to know there are people around that understand, I do hope you get your op soon but keep in touch.

  • well with all your kind words and advice they are back on it , i'm booked in again for a full MRI spinal scan and back to the neuroscience people, so lets hope some good news comes out it. will let you know the outcome.

  • That is fantastic news Noelszy! I'm so glad I helped you out a bit. Never ever give up and especially as like I said you know your body!! I have my first pain management app at end of June so I'm looking forward!

    Good luck with your mri and don't get fobbed off. You will hopefully get sorted this time. If you're on fbook you can friends request me sally kingwell. And yes I will keep in touch.


  • There is an absolutely excellent book called Back Mechanic by Dr Stuart McGill. Prior to my nerve blocking jab I read this and was also lucky enough to see a guy he trained, Joel Proskewicz (Joel isn't a doctor, more of a rehab / trainer). Their advice worked far better than the raft of drugs the NHS put me on, and helped me stay mobile.

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