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trapped nerve in shoulder

I have had a trapped nerve in my left shoulder for over a month now. I had 2 weeks off work because of it, which I have never had time off for illness, it is excruciating. The doctor put me on naproxen, diazepam and tramadol. Couldnt take diazepam made me feel horrible and didnt really help. I am now on Pregabalin, naproxen and tramadol, I feel like a zombie, it doesnt help as my arm pain is getting worse. Osteopath session is half hour each week which seems to make it worse. Has anyone else had this and what would you suggest? Im seeing the doctor tonight to ask for a scan if that is something they can do? Im just at the end of my tether. Im carrying on with a full time job, and mother. Everyone thinks im ok cos I am carrying on but its hard work.

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Sorry you are in such pain and difficulty. You must feel so alone in this.

Just sending love really as not in a position to help.

Was wondering , though, if the meds aren't helping is there any point staying on all of them? I think with some of the meds you have to withdraw gradually.

Isn't there anything the doctor can do? Would a referal to Orthopaedics be appropriate? Is there any procedure for a trapped nerve?

I don't know as am not medically qualified.

But surely there must be something?





Hi, have you had tests to say it is a trapped nerve? I was like you for almost a year, went from 40+ hours working to around 20. All this time saying it was a trapped nerve in my shoulder. At this point I had to go on sick at work. Msk lady sent me for a neck scan. That's when I found out what the real problems were. Now been on sick for 8 months as not alot they will do for me. I use butrans patches that do help but pain is still there everyday. X


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