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agony when turning

New to this site and hoping for some help.I have oseteoporosis and 3weeks ago started having severe pain in my lower back went a@e said I'd pulled a muscleno X-ray sent home .Since then has got no better worse times is lying down if I try to turn on side muscles seem to spasm or lock and pain is excruciating .All they did at hospital was feel spine and sides should igo back Thanks for any help x

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Hello Topcat56 and welcome.

My husband did exactly the same in his shoulder4 days ago. He too had xray to show nothing was broken. But unlike you hes was given a very strong pain med plus anti inflammatory jag.

He is now on 10 days of anti inflam drugs and extra pain meds.

I would certainly go to either hospital or your own GP


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Think you need to go back to your surgery and ask for another appt.I think you could do with anti inflammatory meds and maybe diazepam 2 mgs for the spasm in your back .

Good luck

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I agree with brum chick about getting a prescription for diazepam for the back spasm. I had a delay in getting some when my back went into spasm. Took 9 months of hydrotherapy and physio before they stopped going into spasm at slightest movement. That area now is a long time problem, those muscles don't go in to full spasm anymore but it's as if they remember the trauma and they go really tight....just short of a spasm with certain movements and walking if I don't take mini steps and that is 10 years later. Better nip those spasms in the bud.

Back spasms really painful, hope you get some relief soon


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