well been for the scan on my hip today and its shot so i do need a new one only problem is they say i need to loose around 6 stone before i can get it so it looks like the pain will be staying for some time yet

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  • Going to be long slow process but can be done.

    One f the best I know is 5/2 David is building up to trying it.


  • tryed that and it was,nt for me

  • Oh that a pity. I like the idea of not being really hungry day after day. Only so much no calorie cabbage soup anyone can drink!


  • I was refused a hip operation about 3/4 years ago now unless I lost 11 stone I think the surgeon thought I was going to go away get on with life the best way I could and he wouldn't see me again but I lost the weight took me 18 months, it was hard I was in a wheel chair as I could'nt walk so the dietican and Dr suggested I do a diet of 500 cals a day did the trick and got my op but as it wasn't sustainable here I am battling again but winning. It can be done good luck x x

  • dont spose you still have the 500 cal diet??

  • Hi, don't know if this is any help to you but I tried a diet to reverse diabetes... and it worked. The portions are calorie controlled and after the first few days I wasn't that hungry anymore. I lost weight, even though I wasn't try to. It's basically cutting out sugary food and reducing carbs. Increasing veg , not too much fruit as that's got quite a bit of sugar, and drinking more water.

    As you have the hip problem I'm thinking exercise is difficult for you, but wonder if you can swim, as that does take the pressure off the joints, plus it would make you feel better in yourself. Even if you can't swim far, just do what you can...crawl is the best stroke for all over exercise and you use up more calories, but breast stroke can help, that's if you can do the leg movement. Why not give it a try and see how it goes. If you haven't been for years and feel embarrassed, don't be.. you'll be surprised.

    Good luck. You can do it!

  • i,d love to go swimming but i,m not showing this fat blob off to any one

  • Hi... I can appreciate how you feel.

    I don't know what facilities you have near you but often as not they do separate sessions for different type of people at different times of the day. I can assure you they are not all charles altas types, ploughing through the water. ... they come in all shapes and sizes. They might even do an oaps session... plus they do concessions for oaps anyway to help with cost. You could always just give them a ring and ask which session would be best for you.. explaining you might be a bit rusty and are carry a bit weight... they've heard and seen it all before, plus on the phone you're anonymous.

    I put off going for years, just lost my confidence. I looked up women's only sessions and found they did lane swimming, so after several attempts of even getting ready and not going,!! I finally did it I just got in the slow lane and after a few weeks, i could swim almost twice as far as the first time. I was so chuffed!

    Trust me, once you start you'll wonder why you didn't do it before.... and now you've got a very good reason... a target you're going to achieve. Just think... how different your life can be with that new hip.

  • i work 3.30am to 6pm so can only go at open time and its full of kids

  • That seems a very long you do split shifts assuming you did mean 3.30 in the morning? Where I go I can go at 8.p.m. on 2 nights of the week. I could go at 6.30 a.m., but would rather not!.. I wouldn't want to go with kids... noisy blighters! Might be worth checking times and days.

    You sounded as though you'd really like to do it and it would be a shame not to go as I really do think it would help, plus your gp would be impressed! I know the nhs are starting to refuse to operate on people who are overweight... it would be terrible to not be able to have the op. It would give you a new lease of life. There's a lot of help and support out there for you if you look for it.... but no-one is going to come knocking on your door..If you want this op... only you can change things... sorry if that sounds a bit brutal, but it's true.

    I'd love to read on here in a month's time that you've started to turned things around.

    Take care ... chin up

  • No I worked out the 500 cals a day myself but I was being monitord by a dietician and the Dr I wouldn't recommend it unless you speak to your Dr first, The way they looked at it my bad hip was really severe ( I had worn a big hole through the socket of the hip) which is why I was in a wheel chair and as I wasn't mobile I wasn't burning cals but it's surprising how much you can eat when you eat low cal foods. PLEASE don't try it unless you speak to your Doctor first.

  • Slimming world is a good diet and you don't have to starve yourself. I know a lot of people that's done it with great success so may be worth looking at. X

  • I agree with you. Slimming world is great if he lives in uk. Have seen many people lose alot of weight xx

  • Ask your dr to see the dietician. They can work out a specific eating plan for you and monitor you so you don't overdo it and become ill. There are steps you can take yourself, like stop eating sugar or drinking alcohol. If you have alot of these, you may get headaches and feel crap for a while, but you will come through it.

  • dont drink nor do i have sugar

  • But you must be eating a lot of something, like bread ,which has much starch and stodge, because the weight came from somewhere and if you really want to change and get rid of excess weight then it start's in the mind and of course laziness sitting in front of the TV and not moving enough, I'm not saying that's what you do just what I used to do. when I decided to loose weight (I was not too heavy just getting fatter) I cut out sugar and starchy foods and I feel a lot better for it, Oh and the other important part is using your muscles, if you cant walk much you can lye down and begin slowly to exercise muscles, this you can do through physio .

    Why do we go to doctors if we don't follow their advice so the ball is in your court, it's your life, your body and your decision, so what's it going to be? all the best Alex

  • i did,nt say i dont eat much i said i dont drink or have sugar lol

    i do eat alot of food some days as for being lazy not to sure about that i work 14hrs a day and i load around 5000 tyres on to trucks by hand my chest back arms and shoulders are all toned mussel its everythink blow that whitch is wobbley lol

  • I believe there is a "milk" diet, which is used for people having surgery, dunno much about it but I presume having a 🐮 cow in the backyard might come in helpful, might be worth checking it out, but wishing you luck for your enforced diet.

  • umm never herd of it i,ll hace a look on google

  • x rays are back they show i have very bad cash of arthritis in my hip

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