Possible fibro waiting for diagnosis

Be prescribed gabapentin, took one yesterday and it knocked me for 6,100mg and felt very strange this morning, can you take this of a night to get used to it,because i dont think i could function in work taking it.

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  • Hello kagz

    Has this been prescribed by your GP? Is he intending to increase your dose or leave it at that?

    Gabapentin is the Marmite drug of the pain world. It either loves you or it doesn't/ There is no middle.

    If it is going to knock you out then I would go back and request he changes it

    Good Luck


  • Gp is intending to up the dose I've tried amatripline, naproxine and just can't cope with these either I'm on highest strength of codeine 8 a day anyway, but should I try to perceiver with gabapentine?

  • If it works it is very good but you will soon know if it doesn't

    Try and stay with it and give it a chance


  • Need a week off work to give it ago I think, I'm a support worker so I need to be on the ball so to speak x

  • The first gp I took knoked me for six but Ive been on it for a year now. My dose has been increased but I dont seem to have any side effects. Good luck.

  • That I agree with

  • Hi, I've had Fibro for about 30 years and what helps a lot of other sufferers,

    Some of these medication can produce symptoms that are very similar to fibromyalgia lol, but you need to listen to your GP, when I went to my gp , he asked me about it and he wanted me to educate him about fibromyalgia lol, we get on well , what worked for me was to sleep and if you do sleep with fibromyalgia your winning lol, I started on Amatryptoline not the right spelling lol but they enabled me to sleep so deep my wife thought I died in my sleep lol and After that I hade something for my depression and this knocked me out, a month later after being able to sleep I started to feel pretty damn good lol.

    After time my health was changed for the worse with something different. But I believe that deep sleep every night can work wonders with your mind as well as your body, I used to run a support group for Fibromyalgia and I learnt a few things myself, I then developed Dementia and had to close my support group after 11 years.

    But please talk to your Dr and don't self diagnose or medicate because it can be dangerous.


  • Gp has suggested fibro I've had various blood tests, MRI, nerve blockers ,suffer with thyroids had full thyroidectomy and only now he thinks it may be this.

    Can understand the sleep thing tho, I'm such a light sleeper having a toddler too, you never actually sleep properly, some of these meds gp has tried me on, I cannot function normally with work and family.

    Sorry to hear of the dementia, cared for many people with this

  • I'm glad you didn't say old people lol, mine is early on set, it is difficult to cope and the fibromyalgia can be caused by having an Operation or even your budgie or a pet, going to a bigger cage in the sky. What helps also accepting your illness and work with it not fight because you would lose lol.its a syndrome that means you can have several illnesses, they all cling to each other so that symptoms can not be treated one at a time and can also fight of your medications. Be positive and don't fall into the depression thing because you will have more pains and sit in the corner feeling sorry for your self.

    Gentle stretches every day because you cannot fight the pain barrier you'll only feel it next day.

  • Haha no wouldn't say that but have you thought of making a memory book, I made one for a family member and as hers progressed it brought comfort and a little less frustration

    Just an idea

  • You know that people always say it's all in your mind, apart from knocking them out lol, Fibromyalgia is 50% physical and 50% psycosamatic meaning when your tablets and painkillers DONT WORK then that's the time for looking at something to take your mind of it, as in distractions to help you because your brain is getting the wrong signals.

    When the painkillers do work, then that's the physical side which with the right melds you should be ok, because your brain is getting the right signal

    Happy flying lol.


  • I can quite see what your saying, just finding the right pain meds then isn't it lol

  • Wow ur great at this support thing I bet ur group helped many people sorry you had to close your group but glad we are all gaining your support and knowledge hi

  • A memory book, I'd like to, I have made a DVD with my local Library in conjunction with the council, I do want a memory Box and tomorrow go and buy a nice box to put my things into for my children to remember me as I start to forgetting them.

    I now live alone in sheltered housing because my wife couldn't put up with and the arguments, not good for my 7 yr old princess. Now we all get on better, she now has another partner and I'm glad about that, she tells me he is a good man, I'm glad because she will have someone to cuddle when I get worse and help her, she is still my carer and does a great job, as you must have done too.


  • That's nice that u all get on better I probably think that was a good move going into shelter now an not a lot later on ,as you probably no how bad the dementia gets and at least ur princess will mostly see the good of u wen she visits, and at least ur wife has a good man to keep an eye on ur princess too ,also good to have pictures up of your close ones and there names an relationship to you will help x

  • I take gabapentin but was prescribed 300 mg 2 x day to start then increase to 600 mg... gradual increase. It does make you tired and loopy until you adjust. I still have foggy feeling on occasion

  • You can take gabapentin any time of the day. I take 1500mg along with 8 cocodamol, tramadol and amitriptyline so there's no issues from a medicines point of view of mixing them. Brain fog can be an issue at first. It's more a case of finding a time to take them where you can get the most relief from nerve pain. I take it at same times as my cocodamol

  • Amatryptoline needs to be taken about an hour befor bed otherwise you'll sleep all day, many years ago I was given some new painkillers, take one an hour befor bed lol I couldn't move after ten minutes lol, for the next 3/4 days I couldn't feel a single thing I was like a pair of eyes moving around the house, lmao and needless to say I binned the lot hahaha, don't know what the hell they were. Lol

  • Sorry. I didn't explain that I take amitriptyline with cocodamol and tramadol at bed time. I too have felt hungover in the morning as I take 75mg. Brain fog... more like gathering clouds all day... 😂

  • Try changing to Pregabalin, it doesn't have as many side affects. It is more expensive, so I suppose that is what doctors try gabapentin first.

  • Hi, I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and started 100mg of Gabapentin on 1st day, 2nd day one the morning,one at night, 3rd day 3 times a day. I felt dizzy & absolutely horrible for the first 6 days. I must confess that the horrible dizziness & feeling drunk has gone, but I'm not impressed as still am in pain, but I've read that it can take some weeks to kick in. I've been given this in anticipation of appointment in pain clinic in October.

    I intend to go back to my GP in a weeks time to update on how I feel & success of it. All I've us tolerate medication differently, so if after a few weeks you feel this is not for you go back to GP, but bear in mind that side effects wear off.

  • Hi I was on gabapentine for a few years when first went on I was on lower dose and gp gradually increase strength and dosage but until your body gets used to it then I'm afraid it will make you very sleepy after taking it might be worth asking gp to start on low dose then gradually increase till your pain is under control plus side effects ain't so severe doing it gradually

  • Hi I have just started taking gabapentin and was told told take it at night so far so good, my foot and leg pain as improved and I'm sleeping better

  • I'm on it it's pretty strong stuff it hasn't worked for my fibromyalgia but that maybe due to other issues. Be careful it's caused me to have tremors that didn't improve off of it. I'm on 1800 mg a day.

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