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Gabapentin for Fibro

I am new to site, I am on 1200 Gabapentin 3 times aday, 100 MST twice, Amytrip 2 twice adat, atoxicarb (sorry for spellings eds are not in same room as me and today is a bad day so too lazy to drag yself to get the ) I also take liquid Oramorph at a whopping 60mls per day or as pain requires.

Fibro after failed knee surgeries and Chronic pancreatitis, osteoporosis osteoarthritis ect ect ect.

Found gabapentin helped bit with pain, lot with pins and needles head neck and arms, also have Meralgia Paresthetica both sides, found massive help with this or it could be increased oramorph, live in Somerset, Pharmacist expressed concerns to GP about levels of morphine,maybe GP should have raised this concern but very thankful Pharmacist did,it is now monitored more and pain is under control a lot more, very hard for in laws to understand fibro as theyare from scientific backgrounds so they just think I am a moody mare, pain makes me short tempered, not sure how I can help anyone apart from listening but happy to do that and will try not to moan on about my own ailments,

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2 at night, understand completely regarding Oramorph causing pain, it can be a vicious circle, I can sit in my chair doing nothing apart from being in pain and aching beyond belief or take some oramorph, 40 mins later can have a little wander around the garden, make myself a brew, exist a little for a couple of hours or all day slug like, I am not a lazy person,prior to illness I used to cycle, run, work and be part of the human race, it isn't a band waggon I can jump off yet as the pain I have is not treatable just manageable, the pain will increase on it's own, I see no option but pain relief and that poison of choice is Nasty oramorph as nothing else touches it.


Thank you for your help,I read with interest the British Pain Society info, found the information on the Endocrine and opioids pretty new to me and quite concerning,several alarm bells were raised.

Pregablin is not possible as it is too expensive.

Capcasin I already use for Meralgia P,but I would need to bath in it for everything else, has helped with Meralgia,not a cure but helps.

Yes 320 Oramorph and have been putting off an appointment to request an increase, I have already increased the Oramorph by 20 mls without any discussion just increased in prescription requests, amitrip is actually 3 a day,

Thank you for taking the time to help, I do research all the time,but this has been more condensed for me and I feel quite confident I know what I will be asking for.

Pain management programme has not been offered to me but my Husband has had this and neither of us were impressed.We have tried almost everything, city break to Amsterdam, all sorts to no avail.


Allopar I'm so sorry for your health situation. I can't offer any advice but am interested to follow your post. I did ask Dan for his thoughts on my situation so apologies I butt into your post. I really hope you get things sorted darling.

Lots of gentle hugs

Jo x


Thanks, just had 6 days almost pain free,got a little over excited and thought wow this is great,might be able to go back to work,travel etc etc, then wham bam back to square one, however at least I had 6 days,the first full break in probably 2 years,it was good while it lasted.

Hope you are doing well and thank you so much.


When I see my GP and tell her I have had to increase the Oramorph I know exactly what she will do, she will tell me to stay on what I have increased it to and to increase the MST now by 10, this has been the practice all along, I think I am on the max Gabapentin, I do also use 3 zapain on bad days.

I am concerned about tolerance and addiction and do feel this is a real issue for me, have been having little flutters in my chest but am putting it down to caffeine however I have very little caffeine.

Hydrotherapy etc are not available to me so many other expenses came with my health that I would never have imagined, for example of random, I experience severe issues with the cold, even now I have a hot water bottle every night, we need to buy more wood in winter etc so any extras go on that, not meant to be a sob story from working all our lives low paid in the supported Housing workforce to the benefit system, thank whoevers up there for the National Health Service!

Again thanks, I have a lot of info I didn't have previously have so am well prepared for my next appt.


Dan, I'm coming to you for my health issues from now on instead of my GPs lol! How have you so much knowledge about all this stuff i am so impressed! Not wishing to hack another persons post but while on subject of pain management, it's interesting what you said about amitryptaline and gabapentin and duloxitine. My pain specialist just started me on gabapentin two days ago, so I'm bit fuzzy headed atm and want me on duloxitine in 8 weeks. He told me to carry on with current mess till then but go said she's not happy for me to take gabapentin and amitryptaline! So I stopped latter. Since starting gabapentin and stopping amitryptaline I've had constant awful headaches for two days. gabapentin withdrawal of amitryptaline? I know you are not a gp and I'm not asking you what I should do so please don't worry moderators! Just curious about your thoughts.

Sorry to butt in to this thread.

Jo x


Thank you Dan. Makes sense


Jo x



I live in Somerset but have been told no funds for pregabalin.unless I go privately and sadly I am not in a position to do this.

I will certainly discuss Duloxetine.

Again,thank you.



I have been under the pain clinic for many years, and I have tried every type of pain medication available.Nothing seemed to work until I was given oxycodone following surgery.I noticed that this drug not only kept the pain from the surgery under control, it also cured all my other pains so I asked my consultant if I could be put on it permanently. He agreed to that and I was started on 30mg twice daily.This worked very wel, but not for long.Within a month, the dose had been increased to 40mgx2 daily.And they kept increasing the dose until I was on 180mg 4 timeas daily (720mg per day).Now that dose no longer works, and they don't know what to do.I refuse to increase the dose anymore.


Hello, I too am a chronic pain syndrome sufferer, I have tried many combinations over the years, hated being on the morphine and oramorph but needs must, just to get through the day. two weeks ago my pain specialist swapped my oramorph, amitriptiline and long lasting morphine tablets for just 1 tablet twice a day, I have had to start off on a low dose just to get used to it, am seeing pain specialist today to get it increased and to see what I can have other than paracetamol for breakthrough pain. Its called tapentadol. So far im enjoying the charity of not being on the morphines and amitriptiline, not having the nasty morphine itching. it did make me nauseous at first and some stomach cramps, but took antisickness meds and that put an end to that. Maybe you could ask if it may be suitable for you. Everyone is different, I really hope you find some relief from your pain.


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