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spontaneous bruising!!

the story so far had spontaneous bruising on my left side ov tummy which practically cover my left side on front last for bowt a month left with mockled skin where its been n in april it started on right side same thing n its back again goin to heamotology appoint today hopefully get answers i need any ideas what it cud b im thinkin my medication !!

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I was wondering if it could be any of your medication also. Have noticed , though, that you posted 7 hours ago so you have probably had some answer from Haematology by now?



no answers yet gotta go back in 2 weeks after they investigate my blood cud b anemia or it aint clotting as i should

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Are you on medication to think blood then?


Sorry -

. . to thin blood then?


nope not yet gotta wait 2 weeks


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