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How do I cope with sciatica pain

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I'm new to this but for 9 weeks I've been in agony with pain. GP has given me everything from morphine naproxen cocodamol and amitriptiline with being diabetic I have to be careful what I take I just want relief from this pain

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Are you allowed Pregabalin? It's a nerve blocker and I find it takes the edge off x

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Ive been prescribed everything from gabapentin,pregabelen.amatryptline,morphine,fentanyl you name it but the only one that came close was c@&£?!%^*^%#s o peanut butter between 2 crackers in foil backed for 20 mins firecracker they call it

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Guyb in reply to Guyb You can use cashew butter,even nuttella

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Some people have help with Physio. I find Traditional Chinese Acupuncture works for me for sciatica, maybe a muscle relaxant drug would help. Perhaps check out your main library for books on medicines

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Jacko5649 in reply to Rosepetal60

Hi Rosepetal having physio ok when it's been done but pain still there. Thanks for advice I'm back to see the GP tommorow I'd be ok only for this pain.

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Have you had an MRI yet?

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No MRI X-ray or anything

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Normally the pain starts because of pressure being applied to the nerve in either sciatic 1 or sciatic 2 depending which leg has the nerve pain, tingling, in feet toes, numbness etc. Really the only way to get the edge off is muscle relaxers and pain medication. There are some stretching techniques that may let loose of the spasms. Use the internet for finding helpful stretches for sciatic. Put pillows between your knees when you sleep. Sometimes ice may help. Other than this, get the MRI or xray accomplished.

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Jacko5649 in reply to air4ce

Pain in both legs mostly the knees put ice packs on and a tens machine get some relief from it!! Doctor has now put me on nefopam pain killers. Don't get any tingling or numbness just pain.

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air4ce in reply to Jacko5649

Good! Sounds like you are doing some good things for the pain.

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Redhots7 in reply to air4ce

Definitely get MRI, my x-ray showed nothing , MRI SHOWED: degenerated changes in L-1,2,3,4 all the way up & down ,buldging discs, arteroles stenosis , arthritis and narrowing in L-4 & 5 .

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Jacko5649 in reply to Redhots7

What did they do for you pain wise and did they give you any alternatives.

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Redhots7 in reply to Jacko5649

Jacko5649, I have had 2 rounds of epidural shots in L3-4-5 & s1. They were successful so then they burn the nerves ( radiofrequency) . Instant immediate relief .

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air4ce in reply to Redhots7

Great, now you know what is going on...more than likely a procedure such as disc decompressions could be discussed with your doctor.

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Eventually, after trying weaker pain relief meds., my GP put me on Lo-dose, slo-release Morphine, (Zomorph), 30mg every 12 hours - and that finally gave me some control to enable me to function, although I also needed occasional codeine for especially bad days. But I should emphasise I also got bad constipation from the Morphine.

In a previous episode of Sciatica I had great pain relief from Diclofenac, but then had heart trouble about a week later - co-incidence ?/don't know; but NSAIDs are not so popular now.

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Hello. I too take Zomorph as well as Codeine and Meloxicam so I get constipated too. I find that drinking fruit juice really helps, orange juice most of all then for the times the juice doesn't work I take Lactulose. I try to eat as much salad, vegetables and bran as I can.

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