How to emotionally deal with pain

Had shingles about two months ago. Now I've been diagnosed with Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN) and I'm trying to adjust to the meds. The pain is minor but I wonder what will happen if I am taken off. Will the pain come right back? I couldn't even sleep before. I don't want to feel that way again. Any one else here have PHN? I'm just 31 and most people my age have no idea what I'm talking about. I feel so isolated.

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  • Hi ThatgirlJay I had shingles just about the same time as you, I did not return to see the doctor after the attack as I was expecting to get PHN and I did! I am 74 and didnt know what to expect, so i posted on Pain concern and was given advice. I experienced pain and numbness for which I had pain relief but stopped after a while as I prefer not to take pain killers for a long time and was quite surprised that it got easier as the days passed, but I did start to take B12 tablets and take a cup of Bovril now and again, that seemed to help, I now have some scars on which I use Vitamin C oil. I hope you are soon feeling better.

  • Thank you. I'll look it too taking the B12 and Bovril. I do not like taking medication on the daily so I hope to get some relief as time passes.

  • Hi I had shingles a few years ago and was also diagnosed with PHN which cleared up within a few months . It's apparently something that could last for years but this is not the case with most people so hopefully you'll be ok sooner rather than later.There's plenty of information on the web you should read to put your mind at ease. Wishing you all the best.


  • I had shingles very bad in my early twenties it's was horrible and to this day when I get tired or run down (often) I get tremendous pain but I have just put up with it .It really does hurt is that what you're talking about ?

  • Yes I want to learn how to deal with the physical pain and the isolation I feel from not being able to socialize because of the pain.

  • Thank you Bobk I hope as time goes by that the pain goes away or at least I can manage it.

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