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Dealing with pain/immobility- sciatica

Hi, I'm a reasonably fit 36 year old. 7 weeks ago I noticed a twinge in my hip/buttock area. Fast forward to now and I have crippling sciatic pains and have been signed off work for 2 weeks (never been signed off sick before). I can barely walk. NHS has been good with medication (not really working), MRI (Double protruding discs) and intensive physio just about to start. Having read other posts I'm conscious this may take some time so wanted advice on how to approach rehab, use of my time off (I have a wife and three kids as well and am no use round the house at present!), whether to supplement physio with osteopath/chiropractor etc. All views welcome. Thanks

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Hi sciatica or back pains can be really tricky, and no two peoples remedies are the same. For me traction helped but the physio didn't, but physio might just clear it up for you. You could also try acupuncture or heat treatments. I also used a tens machine which helped. I think its trial and error but you have to move as much as you can in small amounts. I wish I could help more and I really hope physio is a success.

Angie x

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Thanks Angie, I've had lots of injuries before but this blows them out of the water. My main concern is how I can remain motivated during my time off and rehab. The pain is continuous and soul destroying so trying to think how best to use my time


I understand what your saying, and when your in pain remaining motivated is the hardest thing to do. It is very easy to let the pain get to you. I know when I'm sorting my pills out into my organiser I hate it. But I only do it during the day and make sure I do something positive after (usually a cuddle with my dog). My best advice to you while you have your treatments is keep saying to yourself that your not going to let it beat you. Look online for any gadgets, creams or seek advice from gp/physio on anything they can recommend you try. If you like swimming go to the pool the warm water and the weightlessness might ease it and if they have a Jacuzzi section that might help.

Angie x


Hi Freemans,

Not saying this is what you have, but ...

it might be an Idea to get your vitamin B12 and vitamin D bloods checked. ?

Hip, buttock, sciatica and walking can be linked with low/deficient vitamin D.

Anything to do with the spinal cord and walking can be linked with low/deficient B12 vitamin.

Could it Be B12 ? (Book by Sally pacholok,)

* Most important- Do not supplement with vitamin B12 without first getting your blood levels checked as many cannot absorb B12 supplements and need B12 shots instead, if one goes ahead and supplements B12 first they could have a serious B12 problem and never know it or get it sorted.


I have had surgery but would firstly go to a good Osteopath and also try a inversion table. It will hurt like hell but will help. Just get a £50 one off eBay to try.


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