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Extreme leg pain

I have had leg pain for 2 or 3 months. It just is getting worse. Can barely stand or walk the pain is horrendous. I just had an EMG showed nothing. But doctor thinks it's herniated disc. I am getting an MRI. Question can this be permanent. I have to sit or lay down. I sit and brush teeth and do dishes etc. I use to be so fit walking biking etc. I try to stand but can't. Any opinions

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Have them check for spinal stenosis along with the herniated disc.


Thank you. I'm waiting now for mri


I have episodes like that where I'm scarcely able to straighten my leg and put my foot to the floor but and am fortunate in that they pass after a few months and I tend to improve with physical therapy.

An MRI may well be helpful:

Depending on the findings, some compression can resolve without surgical intervention - some people do better with surgery. It can vary tremendously with the nature of the herniation and on an individual basis (e.g., whether there are other complicating health factors).

I hope the imaging is soon and that there's a clear treatment plan for you.


I'm just waiting now for mri


Thank you. It's so frustrating for anyone to go through this


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