I went to my osteopath yesterday and he said he wants to refer me to a neurologist for epidural or Operation. I don't want to go along that way. I saw him every two/three weeks but since Easter the pain I had in the leg for sciatica has become burning pain. No medication is helping. I do get asleep during the night but walking makes the leg burning it more and laying down is the only relief. A lot of people who had the operation had more problems than ever and are more medicated. I feel really down that it is not going away on its own like some people told me. At the begin it was only pain and numbness in my right leg and I could get around with two of four anadin a day and some osteopath session but now I have had the burning pain for two months, coming on suddenly and walking or moving around the house o garden has become impossibile. Every few steps and then I have to lay down. Not even sitting is anymore something I can do.

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  • Has your GP suggested medication like gabapentin? Something that can work on neurological-related pain?

    Have you had an assessment at a Pain Clinic?

  • I was referred but they have not called me yet

  • I am using amypitrylline instead. I sleep but it does not reduce the burning. I was also given licodeine patches but if I put them on my leg the burning increase.

  • Hi sorry to hear this. My mother once suffered from severe sciatica like you. She started going to a chiropractor. He manipulated the sciatic muscle over a number of sessions and eventually he managed to free it. It did take around 3 months but it did work. After that she had no more problems or pain.

  • I did go to a chiro at beginning when pain was reasonable to cope with and was very active. Then the four session he manipulated me and two hours later I was in agony. I went to the Gp who advise me not to go back to chiro. I went to an osteopath for gentle massage. At beginning I had two days without pain, then I could cope only with two doses of anadin but on Easter day it went worse and three days later I had the burning pain in the thigh, calf and foot. I can walk but burning becomes so hot inside that I have to play down to calm the irritated nerve. It is the l5/s1. My husband is in despair because of this. He works and he has to prepare food gor both of us. I was so independent and I was the homemaker. We booked a week holiday abroad for June paid for and we are going to loose it.

  • Hi sorry about this. It is common for it to get worse before it gets better. I have chronic back pain and I know for the first few sessions I am very sore afterwards.

    There is a site called Chronic Pain which is very good. I will try and find you the link.

  • I never had chronic pain before. The only thing I might have done wrong was to lift my nephew baby who was running into trouble up. But discomfort started after a terrible attack of chest infection and cold mid December. Never experienced this before except now.

  • Thank you.

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