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Good morning has anybody had any nasty side effects from epidural or steroid injections in the spine trying to get my head around things before I get asked the question do I or don't I want to go down that route

No way do I want another op morphine tabs don't seem to working unless there are other forms of pills

Sorry forgot to say I have spinal stenosis and protruding disc etc any views will be helpful thank you

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  • I have spine blocks done under live x-ray where I'm injected with steroid and antithetic this helps with the pain I get about 6-8 wees pain relief

  • I got 24 hrs relief. Then back to square one.

    Also got a full torso rash from something in the process- not painful at all but unsightly- lasted a few days.

    They are to try nerve cauterisation next. I'm in the Q.

  • radiofrequency where the burn the nerve

  • Hi mad legs

    I've had the nerve cauterisation or Radiofrequency injections. I'm waiting for repeat ones as it does give me longer relief. I was painfree for ten weeks, six weeks first ones. Bliss!. Hope you don't wait too long. Mine maybe mid June!. X

  • Hello

    I have 2 slipped discs and trapped nerves and I received a steroid epidural in my tail bone about 3 months ago....the results were almost instant,it was pain wade gone after 6 months of 24/7.I.was overwhelmed.

    I ended up doing too much too soon I think so I only had pain relief for 3 weeks.

    I now have another appointment next Wednesday to have a double dose....I hope for more long term results.I didnt have any bad side affects after having my first injection.I see it as a short amount of pain for a longer amount of relief.

    I hope my story gives you a better insight.

  • My first worked for 6 months, my second for around 2 weeks, my third didn't work at all only gave me partially numb right leg and pins and needles feeling in both, took over 8 months to go away.

  • After many Rusty that were definitely helpfull at the time ( usually 3 Epidurals, 2 weeks apart). I had great Lowe Lumbar Pain Relief....and then the next first one of set of three.....? It didn't feel right..not the same as the many before. I started getting side effects that I'd never experienced after my Epidural Steroid Injections with Depo-medrol. I started feeling sick, not flu but fluish symptoms. I wentthrough terrible full body sweats. No pain relief but worse. And worse it got. Nerve pain down my entire left butt, leg and feet. The nueropathic pain was constant in which these Epidurals always relieved. I started having severe constipation and constantly felt like I had to pee. I felt like I had a really bad flu but I did not. My temperature was always low grade. The pain kept increasin as the weeks went by. The Burning was and still is horrific and Intractable. I'm praying for you Rusty that the needle did not go just a teeny weeny bit to far. I've gotten a bit more lash bsck from this forum while trying to "caution and educate" about the Dangers of Epidural Steroid Injections because Medical Error does happen. Unfortunately when it does it will and is covered up. I do not say anything to scare people from their choices. Often we as patients do not hear about the risks involved of Epidural Steroid Injections. The only strong suggestion that I can give anyone is to research these risks and with informed information one can make their own choices. I now have Arachnoiditis which is progressive in nature. As it progresses this irriversible condition becomes Adhesive Arachnoiditis. It's also listed as "rare" because it's often caused by Medical harm and gets buried deep within our medical records. Failed Back Surgeries can bring upon Arachnoiditis too. Rule of thumb that I wish now I would have known- Less is more and to avoid any invasive procedures including Epidural Steroid Injections, unless it's absolutely necessary. It's a chance every time. To Error is Human and Doctors are Human. I sincerely hope you are not suffering any symptoms of Arachnoiditis Rusty8.

  • Will have a look I have time yet

  • I've had two steroid spine injections now. First wad done under ct scan was really hard to get in right place and really painful. I gave 3 done at a time in lumbar area of spine. I had a weird reaction first time had to be kept in overnight as became very dizzy, nauseous and faint for almost 12hrs. However pain relief was great first time in over a year I could sleep without every time I try and turn over the pain waking me. Got 2mths of really good pain relief but about 6mths before pain was back at its worst again. Second time I had it done under sedation and was observed closely due to my reaction. This time pain consultant put them in without ct scan, not as accurate bit less fiddling around and therefore less pain. No reaction and same pain relief so would definitely do it this way again. When weighing up treatment, you will always see scary side effects and horror stories, I personally believe if you are truly experiencing bad pain you will try anything. The injections may not work as they don't for all bit even if they give a short respite think how great you will feel.x

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