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Naproxen Nightmares & other lovely side effects.


Hi. I just recently started taking 500 mg of Naproxen every day for arthritis and I have 3 symptoms. 1. Nightmares, the kind where you wake up from them yelling or crying. 2. Drowsy 3. Hard poops (took me 30 minutes to poop tonight, my cat was wondering wth is taking her so long.)

The stuff actually works at dulling my arthritic pain but I don't thin no I can continue if this crap keeps going on every night and day. We can put a car on Mars but can't come up with a non addictive, healthy pain killer.

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Probably best if you contact your Doctor and mention the side effects who are having. It may be the dose needs to be adjusted or your Doctor may prescribe another drug to help with your Arthritis. Naproxen does not suit my system either, gave me Stomach ache and headaches. You might also look into foods that are good and bad for Arthritis. And the use of complementary products such as a weatie bag etc

I tried Meloxicam Be that didn't work at all. Celebrex has been shown to calcify the aortic valve (research study 2019 Vanderbuilt Univ) so that rules that out. I feel like a lot of the current drugs just cause other problems. I am going to try CBD capsules and if that doesn't work I give up. Have you tried CBD ?

I haven’t tried CBD but may do in the future. I’m missing my Acupuncture which I haven’t been able to have for nearly a year. Used to go, every 5 or 6 weeks. So I've been stuck with Bursitis in my hip for all of 12 months. Can no longer take Ibuprofen ( which helped a lot) because of leaky gut. So just take paracetamols. Heat does help. Hope you can find something to help you.

I hope we both find something that works that doesn't mess up other stuff in our bodies. If CBD works I will let you know. The capsules are not cheap which is why I have put off trying them. I know hip pain can be really problematic (fractured pelvis & dislocated hip in car accident in my early 30's) and the pain would make me buckle at times. Can't wait to get my covid vaccine so I can get a haircut and acupuncture 😊 I now know why my grandmother drank do much (she had bad arthritis).

Just had a thought, have you tried any of the bracelets such as magnetic or ? Copper. I haven’t but I think a medical magnet in the right place could be a possibility. Talking of drinks, I’ve been doing nearly dry January and February & been drinking a glass of 0.5% Apple cider 3 evenings a week instead of wine etc. Which has a useful side effect of soft poo’s. Arthritis runs in my side of family too, OH doesn’t have it. Hasn’t a clue.

Girl, I will be getting apple cider tomorrow! 😄 I drink 3 times a year, special occasions (trying to hold onto the brain cells, Alzheimer's runs in the family) I always thought those copper bracelets were a scam, never met anyone who said they work. If I am wrong than my bad. I am open to try Anything, pain is a effective motivator. I am only 50 years young, I need to find things that work or it's going to be a long second half.

Alzheimer’s runs in part of my Dad’s side of the family, his Sister and her daughter who was my cousin. So I keep it in mind! ( for when I finish my nearly dry months) I’ll probably carry on through March as well. I have good friend that has rheumatoid Arthritis and she wears a copper band on her wrist, wouldn’t be without it. I think in the past, many years ago I did try something on my wrist, think a magnetic one but it didn’t help & stopped my watch working on other wrist. Time flies. 50 is a nice age. An age for decisions. Good luck in your search. I may remember other things!

I was prescribed Naproxen and it worked well but unfortunately it upset my kidneys and i had to stop taking it. I find a heat pad very helpful for pain control.

Oh so true, the side effects of naproxen are a bit off putting , asthmatics can't take them. I can't use them due to effects on breathing even though they do work on my pain when its really bad. Fruit juice can sometimes help with the constipation my late husband used to eat the peal off the oranges to help.

Hello, try Pernaton cream from the chemist. I use it for osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and spondylolisthesis. I find it to be very effective.

I will ask him about it. I have to call him in two weeks and tell him that Meloxicam was a fail so it will be a good time. Thanks

If Pernaton cream is green lipped muscle, I tried it many years ago, but found it left my joints feeling very sore afterwards. But worth a try to find out if it works. I’ve also tried Glucosamine & emu oil gel. Ok whilst using it, but sore feeling if u stop using it, which does go off after a day as far as I remember. Trial and error with all these things

Hello, Pernaton now comes with either heat or cold creams. Personally I use the blue/cold one. Thinking of you 'cos I know what you are suffering. I've now developed dermatitis, probably as a result of stress from such pain. Any tips on that front?

Have you tried coconut oil? It really does heal all kinds of skin problems.

Try the “My Skin” forum on HU there maybe someone on there who could advise

Hello, see my reply to rosepetal60. All the best.

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