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Chest Pain

I'm having a chest pain for a year, going to the hospital to do a lot of blood test, x-ray, Ct scan but all coming up normal. I'm so confused why I'm having it without treatment but I'm worried about my heart ❤️, Dr said its fine , so i give it to the Lord Almighty for miracle and help, i have 4 beautiful small children and I'm 38yrs now , please anyone have a concern and help let me know, God bless you.

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Hi, chest pains have been a big part of my life, doctors ambulances Lol in time I learnt that it called, Costochondritis, it's when you get chest pain and they can't find anything , when the joints in your rib cage become inflamed and that's it lol. I hope you find this helpful, go to your GP and put it to him and see what he says, good luck.



Indigestion can cause chest pain. See as gastrointestinal doc. I have been through all this. Its gastritis.


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