Chest pain

Hi all, recently for about a week I have been having a kind of ache around the sides of my chest/ribs it sometimes comes off and on. Also at night it Sometimes wakes me up suddenly multiple times. I have been to see a&e to see if it was anything serious but didn't find anything. Anyone have any clues to what it could be? Thanks

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  • In my opinion you must at the earliest consult the Cardiologist to confirm it is a muscular or related to heart.


  • Go to your doctor and get all the tests you need for anything serious again. It could be costochondritis, which I think is inflammation in the tissue around the ribs. Only thing they do for this is anti inflammatory meds, like ibruprofen. Look it up and see if it matches your symptoms, but even if it does, still see your doc!

  • where is the pain? Is it in the middle of your chest (between the breasts) or on the sides of your chest area? Have you had any coughs/colds/flu recently?

    there are lots of muscles and ligaments and tendons in the chest area that can be damaged fairly easy and can cause pain. Costochondritis (mentioned above) tietzes syndrome, pulled chest muscles (tendonitis)are just some of the problems that affect the chest and ribs.

    it sounds like they have ruled out heart problems,i am assuming that when you go into a&e with chest pain they have checked your heart, if not get your gp to do refer you. If you can afford it it may be worth seeing a chiropractor or osteopath. They often have a better knowledge of anatomy than doctors/consultants etc. I was diagnosed with costochondritis by my chiropractor six months before the pain team came to the same conclusion.

    chest pain can be frightening but there are lots of reasons for it that are not to do with the heart.

    It might be worth seeing if you can change anything to make your bed more comfortable. For example a heat blanket you can turn on if pain wakes you (if heat helps), or a cold pad (if ice helps), a warm bath before bed to relax the muscles (using something in the bath that relaxes muscles) or if its comfortable going to sleep hugging a bolster pillow (to keep your chest in a comfortable position).

    look after yourself


  • Hello thank you for responding, and the pain is majority the sides of the rib cage. And yes I did come down with a fever a few weeks before that. My mum suggested sitting in another position so I don't stain my muscles, I also have vitamin d tablets as I read that vitamin d deficiency can cause soreness in the rib cage.

    And I will try your suggestions you made thank you :)

  • Most of us are deficient in vit D and you are right it can increase pain. Have a little look online at costochondritis and tietzes syndrome and see if you think any of the symptoms match. The upside of both of these syndromes is they usually clear up in time and are fairly common.

    it might be worth propping yourself with pillows so you can stay in a comfortable position. Movement can make the pain worse so It could be that when you move in your sleep its setting the pain off.

    look after yourself and be kind to yourself.


  • hi there is myself suffer with costchondiritis and sounds exactly like this hun depending on how sever it is you need to see your gp and get some aunti inflamatries hun but pain can be really bad I'm on amatripline and zomorphine tablets and oramorph for mine got road only lasts a few weeks I'll of had mine a year on new years day I also use hot water bottle tends to at times help and also a nice hot bath or running the shower down my chest let me know how you get on good luck xxx

  • hi Mandy, did the medication make any difference to your condition

  • sadly it dosent help a great deal but everybody is different ended up at hospital last night due to pain been so bad been reffered to a pain clinic and praying this helps xx

  • Yup i had chestpains from gaba too, did stress test and was all good, lowered gaba and it stopped

  • Also makes swelling in the breasts, very tender

  • The gaba lasts 5 to 7 hours and wakes me up exactly same time every night

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