Hi There, Thank you for letting me join this communting. I suffer with Low chronic back pain from an accident at work in 1992. I now live in Spain and have done so since 2005, Here i have had 5 operations, Two Triple level spinal fusions and Two more Procedures of RFA and Still suffer and take pain meds and antidepresssants daily.The other operation was for an hernia which resulted due to the orignal problem. I am on ESA support and PIP, But while taking a shower my cleaner put the review form in the rubbish it was mixed up with newspapers, somshe wasnt to know. Now I have called PIP four times its know been 6 weeks and I have not recieved the duplicate. Does anyone have any ideas how i can obtain or call them again on my behalf. Thank you Paul

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  • Hello Paul

    Firstly if you live in Spain you should not be able to claim ESA Support. Did you notify DWP when you moved?

    Secondly are you already in receipt of PIP? If you have lived abroad since 2005 you must have had an assessment back in the UK.

    I am a little confused as to your dates and benefits. Could you explain in more detail please as there is a specific procedure for those of us who live abroad.

    I live in the Canary Islands and have gone through the paper work needed for claiming outside the UK


  • Hi Paton, Yes Dwp was notified while i was long term incapacity.I was awarded PiP from 2014, my assement was made during 2014

  • I am waiting for a duplicate pip award review form, but I have not

  • Hi They have known I have lived here from 2005, it was all done correct, you know they changed incap to esa

  • My issue now is that I need another PIP award review form sent out. I need a adviser to talk to them, I have tried

  • Oh yes know all the changes DWP keep doing!

    Sorry didn't mean to question you but getting ESA abroad isn't always easy....when was it ever?

    So are you waiting on a new assessment for PIP?

    I am still on of the lifers who got changed to indefinite yonks ago. I llost mt mobility part but still leep care. Had to go through different department...Exportability...more hoops to jump through.

    So tell me what it is you have lost?


  • Hi Paton Oh YES a LIFER, PIP sent me the review form back in March of which was destroyed. I called them 4th y 21st april andv 4 may y 9 but waiting for the duplicate. I do have an adviser, but trying to get him to call for me now.

  • So you were on a fixed term PIP award? When does it run out?

    Have you tried the Exportability people? Have the number if you want or you can get it on UK gov site


  • Yes it ends in November, it was for Thee years, believe me I have called PiP four times, not sure on the Export number?, I call them with Tel numbers I have?

  • YES im on PIP at the moment

  • Yes I understand that.

    Is it for a set time?


  • Yes Paton, but they did sent a award review form, but has I said the cleaner put it in rubbish with my newspapers. Damm cleaner. I just want a duplicate, seems to taking ages?

  • We seem to be cross posting!

    Have you actually spoken to someone in DWP? Are they sending out papers or are you having difficulty getting through?


  • I have called them 4 times and they said it got posted on 20th April, but nothing has come, That was on 21st April I called, now called 2 more times 4 and 9 may and they dont know anymore news to where it is

  • Even allowing for snail mail it should be here now.

    If your PIP doesn't run out til November why have DWP allegedly sent out a renewal form?


  • Hi Patong, yes your right it should of arrived by now?

  • If your PIP award doesn't run out til November...why have they sent it so soon?


  • I think i read somewhere thats 6 months what they do. Now im not sure if they have sent the duplicate. I hate waiting

  • Hi Paton, my papers have arrived, im alot happer now. Thank you

  • That is a huge relief. Keep them away from the cleaner.

    Good Luck when re assessment comes.

    Pat x

  • My pip assessment was successful and I was signed for 3 yrs ......Its now 6 months in I've just had a form through for another assessment ???!! I went for it and no doctor present so cancelled after giving me a hard time f being 4 mins late yet he didn't turn up at all!! Still hanging over my head had 2 more cancelled since ,,,is this a bad sign ,I have cauda equina syndrome and my life's changed so much ...I don't leave the house 🏠 all because they didn't believe me when I was in pain No m.r.i for yr of crawling around the house and only once they finally did an m.r.i I was phoned at home and rushed 70 miles to the nearest spinal unit operation no 1, 1 a month later then another 6 months later !! They are a rule to themselves 👎

  • Ask at you're local housing office for a worker Mine came to my house I never touched the forms apart of course to sign it ,ut helps have someone professionals behind you ..good luck 😊

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