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Chronic pain and miserable

Hey, new to this and wanted to say hi. I had a knee dislocation 11 years ago which cause a dropped foot and no feeling down the right and side of my leg. 6 years ago I got a tendon transfer which was meant to help but has left me with chronic pain, I can hardly walk, had to give up work. After 10 years on cocodamol and maxitram the docs have given me mst and left it in my hands to control how much I need. I'm currently taking 60mg but still not getting any relief. Does anyone else take this medication and how much is a safe amount? X

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It depends on your tolerance as to what is safe. Also your body weight.

Someone with a high tolerance could take enough morphine to cause severe problems (read: death) in a naive user.

I'm surprised they have left you to decide without even giving you guidance on how much is likely too much. Respiratory inhibition is the main worry, and even used as prescribed people still have problems, particularly if mixed with other CNS depressant substances like alcohol or benzodiazepine.

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I would have said the safe dose is the one prescribed by your doctor. May I ask what form and dose does your Doc prescribe? Tablets, capsules, or liquid?

Also is this the only medication that you take?



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