Chronic pain

Im in constant pain in my joints for many years stops when I sit down really painful when trying to get up and can only walk about 50 yards then have to stop I also have constant pain on my neck which I think came from whip lash years ago also I had numerous fractures of the humerous sixteen years ago and the pain is agonising got worse this last year cocodemols are not having any effect whatsoever

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  • please go back and see your doctor and tell them that the co-codamol is not working for you. especially as things have got worse this last year. its not right in this day and age that anyone should be left suffering like this but you must go to the doctor as they wont know unless you tell them. all the best dear. please go to the doctor asap. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi grace ive already asked the doctor for stronger painkillers he said in on the strongest now I've no faith in my surgery just glad I've got my car as it's my legs

  • all i can say is co codamol is not the strongest pain killers. they can even be bought in the chemist. no dear thats honestly not true that they are the strongest painkillers i dont know why your doctor would say that to you when its not true. maybe you should change your doctor if they are not helping you. read some of the post on this forum. maybe someone else will come and speak to you about their pain and what they did. or said to they'r gp. i hope so. im sorry that your being left to suffer. love grace oxoxo

  • I'm wondering if he can't give me stro ger ones because of the letrozole I'm on for breast cancer

  • best thing is to go and see him and explain your pain. i hope that you will come back on the forum and tell us that you got something and are getting some relief. love grace xoxo

  • Hi I feel I am very similar, the walking and having to stop is a nightmare isn't it? I have all the symptoms that you have. Pain killers don't have much affect do they? Ill try seeing my Doctor again this week, I feel as if I'm pestering her but surely there is some medication that will help!!

  • i hope that you get the help from your doctor that you need. maybe your pain killers are not strong enough.or you may need something else entirely. i know what you mean about feeling that your pestering your doctor but thats what they are there for and if you were getting the relief you need then you wouldnt have to keep going back again. its not your fault. i hope that you get something to help with this pain as its not right that you have to keep suffering. all the best. love gracae xoxo

  • Hi there I also had breast cancer six a s a half years ago a d the tablets I take for that letrozole can cause osteoporosis and artgralgia I had my last bone density test in June which was ok but I would just like to have one day painfree as forgotten what it felt like and I wake up every couple of hours as I lie on my left side which is the one with the broken humerous then the pain starts and when I turn over my hip on my right side starts so I tossing and turning all night and end up with bottom of my spine hurting till I get up

  • sounds terrible. of course im not a doctor and dont know what those meds are im just glad to hear that your last bone density scan was okay.go back to your doctor and explain all this and hopefully they will give you something to get you some relief. im so sad to read all this. god bless you and help you. love grace xoxo

  • Thanks Grace I'll just have to keep pestering him I hate going the doctors as I've not got any faith in them

  • i know. just keep going. is there only one doctor there? i hate going to as i expect many of us do but they are there to help us so go back asap. love grace xoxo

  • Hi try aleve arthritis the one with the Red cap have the same problem the stopping doing walking is a nightmare totally my ease up a little God bless to all plase feel better😨

  • Never heard of Aleve arthritis can you buy this at the pharmacy

  • Yes and walmart

  • I hope so I'm a tough person lived on my own for thirty eight years do my own gardening and painting gardening is my hobby but don't think I'm going to be able to keep it up much longer and that really upsets me just wish they could sort my pain out it s constant 24/7

  • Hi lamblite let me know how you go on I feel like I'm knocking my head against a brick wall

  • It took me more than 6 months of pestering my gp and for him to see me unable to move, to convince him to prescribe stronger pain meds eg: Oramorph.

    Hope you get some help and relief.


  • Hi you could try Turmeric I have Osteoporois in both my knees and Burstis in one hip I have been using Turmeric for about 4 months as I can't take any anti inflammatories now, and whilst my pain is not completely gone I would say it's 85% better my GP was really impressed when I visited for my 4 monthly steroid injections in my knees only had one done this time and if I'm completely honest that was only done as a precaution as we are about to go on holiday for 3 weeks and I know I will have to do a fair amount of walking hope this helps ,

    the Turmeric is mixed with oil and black pepper for best results

  • Hi Gill947, I am glad that you have found something that helps your pain, could I have the recipe and dosage please? x

  • Hi type in Turmeric life .com for Golden Paste recipe it's not nice to take but it works also join Turmeric user group on Facebook so many people there lots of help let me know how you get on I'm sure your will find it beneficial

  • Thank you I will look it up and give it a go.x

  • Hi Gill1947 - I'm really interested in the idea of using turmeric but not sure how! I have psoriatic arthritis and just endured an extremely painful flare up affecting both knees and one ankle - been tearing my hair out with the pain! I can't take anti-inflammatories either, and my doctor assures me that Solpadol (30/500 codeine/paracetamol) is the strongest possible painkiller, but it's just not having any impact. Do you have any info as to how turmeric helps as well as how to take it? Thank you!

  • Hi type in Turmeric life .com for Golden Past recipe I find it really good also join Turmeric user group on Facebook I'm sure you will find that useful hope this helps

  • Thank you! 😄

  • I've had solpodol same ones and cocodemol same strength but don't make much difference to the pain I'm sitti g here absolutely worn out with not sleeping my right eye ball is painful and headache I never suffer with them just had two cocodemols that's right today now as going to bed shortly and really hoping to get some sleep I go off straight away then wake every couple of hours

  • there is no way that is the strongest pain killer. try reading more posts on pain and go back to your doctor and and see if you can get something stronger. take a list of the pain medications others are getting. mention them to your doctor. the codeine in solapadol is not the strongest either its phosphate. which i think is the weaker of the coedines. you cant go on like this tearing your hair out. i get so angry when i read posts like this. and your doctor is also telling you lies i'd get a new doctor.

  • Could u give me the recipe for ur turmeric. I take a turmeric capsule, but no relief. Thanks

  • Hi type in and follow the recipe for Golden Paste it's not very pleasant to take but it's very beneficial so it's worth it hope this helps

  • Is cocodemols a new prescription or is it something you have been taking for many years?

    Pain killers in many cases will reduce in effect over time. This results in using more pain killer to keep the pain down.

    There are a good reasons for this.

    Reason 1 the body acclimatises to the drug and so more is needed to get the same result.

    Reason 2 the body is slower being further damaged. Pain killers do what it says on the tin. Reduce pain and discomfort. This effectively means that you do not notice if you are doing something that causes damage the pain receptors have been switched to a lower sensitivity. So over time you get a buildup of minor damages that you have not detected when you have been dong the damage.

    Reason 3 the body builds up a sleep deficit. Research has shown that the brain can only get rid of waste product when it is sleeping. The brain controls the fine tuning of muscle behaviour. Loss of sleep reduces the ability of the brain to fine tune muscle behaviour. Poor posture and poor muscle control has an effect on the perception of pain and discomfort.

    Hope I have been useful.

  • Thanks for that I have been on cocodemols for about ten years may be longer i have reduced them at times as I hate taking tablets but at the moment this last few days back on six to eight a day the letrozole i take for breast cancer doesn't help as it causes joint pains and numerous other side effects which I have got trigger finger which I can cope with

  • Not sure what you mean by "trigger finger". I have looked it up on google. It may be eased a little by:

    1 untightening the muscles that go over the tendon sheaths.

    2 searching for a tight muscle in the forearm and reducing the tightness.

    This can be done by a skillful massage therapist. This may or may not work as what I suggested may or may not be part of the cause which led to the symptoms. All one can do is investigate.

    Hope this helps.

  • My oncologist said I could have an op on my hand but as it doesn't bother me I said I would leave it it's all the bone pain thats getting me down

  • Thanks for the reply. Wish I knew what to suggest. Your experience is outside my knowledge.

    It might be worth investigating mindfulness and meditation. I do not know how helpful that might be.

    Meditation_A_Way_of_Awakening_-_Ajahn_Sucitto.pdf is a good book on this subject. Free download from:

    Hope I have been able to be helpful.

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