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Chronic pain

For the past 10 years, I have had severe chronic pain which originates in the left side my groin and spreads to my stomach, testicle and leg, also all on my left side. The causes are still unknown. Does anyone else have a similar problem to this? Also, is there anywhere I can get help with running my car, as I need it for times when walking is just too much but am beginning to struggle with the costs of keeping it on the road, with only a modest wage.

Thank you.

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Well if you are in great pain and live in England I would think try DLA,,

I think nerve pain is hard to treat has I do have it.

Have you not seen a GP so you can be perhaps seen by a consultant regarding nerve ending pains .

Also a GP perhaps could prescribe to you a tablet to help you .

I hope you do find some help soon.

Nerves can travel down your legs I do know this from my Consultant .

Best Wishes,



Hi, yes I've tried lots of different tablets and attend the local pain clinic on a regular basis. Waiting to discuss further surgical options, hopefully something will come up soon! Thanks for your time, hope you're pain is not too bad.


Have you applied for personal independence payment? If you qualify for the mobility element you can get help towards motoring costs. You can get this if you are still working. Hope it helps. Take care.


Have you ever had shingles? Shingles can leave you with chronic pain - I suffer with this down the left side of my torso. Just a thought!


My husband has a very similar set of symptoms, and his comes from three bulging discs at S1- L5- L4. Has anyone suggested an MRI ?


Thanks everyone, lots of great suggestions. Never had shingles. Will ask about the MRI and look into personal independence payment. Take care.


Ah mate do I sympathise, I'm on DLA , god knows how long that will last (as every time I go out the door a fleet of vehicles follow me, only joking it's not that bad) they took it off me before, so it's always in the back of my mind, but that said, it's bloody expensive running a car even with Higher mobility benefits,.

But back to you Sweeney, there are many hidden cost's when you use your car especially petrol and bloody parking fines even with blue badge, have you got one ? as they are a god-send, I expect if you live in the country it's worse.

The pain you are talking about in the nether regions I've put up with for many years especially when you nip the nerve and your testicle swell's up, crossing your leg's is problematic, the nerves in that area all seem to go up into the stomach and you feel sickly.

But you know your body the best, as pain is a good measure as to what to do and what not to do , but I try to move as much as possible, so see a good physio and combine their knowledge with your own, myself ' sitting without getting my leg's up on to something is just too sore, so unless I lie down I have to walk as I have no choice now, and my car is my lifeline because the walking I can do depends on the level's of the pavements so I have to drive to areas where I can find flat surfaces without lumps and bumps, and it's as much to do with distraction, because pain is worse unless you fight it with coping mechanism's like distraction, It's bloody hard and you get no respite , so you have to rely on your own, as with pain, the bloody NHS system around paperwork, bloody consultant's and their power, all to get decent pain med's, drives you to the wall, Oh and the worst , getting them to believe you, there is no answer to that one.

Sweeny , my friend, your working, you have a car, it could and can get a lot worse. But if you have a decent GP , who believes you, is all you can ask, as it seems they can't find out what it actually is, then it has to be pressure on the nervous system in the area where so many nerves hang out, and then it's down to good pain meds, and use them with care, sorry if I can't help much best Alex

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Thanks for your reply. I will definitely be looking into DLA/PIP. I don't have a blue badge, somehow I feel that I don't need one as much as others and wouldn't like to take a parking space that somebody with a worse condition may want to use. However, I do still rely on my car to commute to and from work. My pain fluctuates in severity, sometimes (especially when I've had a few beers) it is bearable and somewhat lurking in the background. Other times, currently increasing in frequency, it can be completely debilitating. I generally need to take opiates to get through a working day. In fairness, the majority of GP's and specialists I've seen concerning my condition have shown genuine concern. May I ask what is the cause of your pain? Cheers.



Hi coolpolitealex

I have had pnduel nerve entrapement for over 4 years now , so yes pelvic pain and sitting is just horrid.

I dont know what you problem is sounds like some nerve ending pain .

Its very hard to treat , depends what area you live in .

Just thought I would say I hope you find a good consultant to help you .



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