Continuous pain

I can empathise with everyone in constant pain,no one seems to understand, or they don't seem to. I feel as if I am banging my head against a brick wall. Very fit and healthy up until just over a month ago.Pain started on the left side of my spine and travels around the hip down the leg and to the foot the back up into the groin. No let up in the pain in spite of all the usual.Naproxen Tramadol dihydrocodeine codeine. Now I'm on Oramorph, prescribed by a and e because I was desperate for some rest. Take this only at night to get three hours sleep.Just paracetomol in the day. Am now on crutches and can't walk too far. Just existing not living.So life goes on hold and everything is pinned on getting an app with physios then if that doesn't work time goes on.You would think in this so called civilised society something could be done.They wouldn't let animals suffer like this. No wonder people commit suicide with no light at the end of the tunnel

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  • Hi. I hope this helps you as I have the very same thing ongoing for 6week's now. Dr said it was Sciatica and i had a spinal xray .That showed up a problem with something wrong in my spine causing it. Awaiting mri scan now. Perhaps you could mention this to your GP..It might help you get tests etc. I do hope so. All the best to you. x

  • Bless you. Unfortunately know exactly how you feel. Everything takes so long,I've been waiting for 2years for a diagnosis!! They've injected my spine and hip and left me. So fed up, now having trouble with dwp really all too much, constant chronic pain people just don't understand. I have a son who keeps me going else i would have ended it by now.

  • Unfortunately that's the way the NHS are at the moment..(if your in the UK) Took me 18 months to find out what my problems were. Endless tests and physio( for a problem I never even had). Sorry to say this but you may have a long road ahead. Finally got my diagnosis in October last year and still not any better. More paths to start at.. X

  • I think u are in the UK. My doctor's here in Durham NC were efficient about diagnosing and treating me. Do u have Social security disability there. Come to the us on a study visa and get help as a low income free clinic. Project Access

  • Hi Dotty, the problem with constant pain is that doctors cannot understand what it is like and until they find the cause they cannot give the correct cure and even when they do find the cause they cannot always give a cure to stop the pain all they can do is keep supplying different drugs until they find which one works for you then if they find what works for you all the drug will do is lower the pain you feel I doubt there is anything that takes all of the pain away, I was involved in an accident in 1976 where I was compressed by a huge role of aluminium we were rolling it up when it started to come back on us most of the ones doing the work and managed to get out of the way but myself I had my hands pined back onto my shoulders my head was pushed across to the side my neck was strained and my back was compressed along with my legs and feet at the time the doctor just said I had back strain and to take a couple of weeks off work (i was in the army at the time) after the two weeks I returned to work but from that day onward i have suffered with my back, neck shoulders and legs every thing they have tried has not worked totally I suffer with spasms in my back and legs, on good days I can only stand or walk for a very short time/distance on bad days I can not even manage to get myself out of bed if my back spasms whilst \i am stood up I either have to grab something and lower myself down and if there is nothing to hold onto I just fall to the ground the spasms just come and go with no notice or warning some will just last a few minutes and the longest lasted almost 3 months.

    Until someone has suffered chronic pain they have no idea what it is like at times you wish you were dead, My EX damaged her back in work and after she had had it a while she said she never knew how much pain I had been in all the years, she added it is as bad as childbirth except it never stops.

    good luck finding something that helps you cope with the pain.

    Regards Poppy Ann.

  • Hi ... can I suggest that you look up "loin pain" on the Internet? (No, I'd never known of the term before either). It's one of the few things I don't have, related to an illness that I do have. At least it's another area to investigate.

    I've lived with, and am now just 'existing' with, chronic pain for 29 years. You can, and will, get through whatever is happening to you.

    I know the sudden turn from being totally healthy into suffering a raging sea of pain is quite staggering to understand and contemplate. I was so angry, for such a long time, and that tension didn't help me feel any better, but increased my pain. Talk about being between a 'rock and a hard place'!

    May I ask who put you on Paracetamol to take during the daytime? I obviously can't prescribe or suggest anything else to you, but it does sound as though you may be suffering from 'nerve' pain? Your Doc would have to see you about that, and come to his own conclusions.

    There are some very good meds for nerve pain which don't involve the codeine or morphine type meds. If you're prescribed a 'nerve damage' type medication, you might get the benefit of at least some more sleep too.

    I'd suggest, with respect, that you get back to your Doc as quickly as you can, as you sound so totally desperate.

  • I can understand,what pain feels like,I was fit and healthy until I have been told I might have pulled a mensial tear,in my right knee but waiting on mri results that I won't know until a months time so going to doctors to see if I can request any results. Also anyone who has these tears do u go through stages of pain and how do u go about it.As at the moment I get a warm sensation on and off at night and like my knee has like nagging pain sometimes that have it all day.I going to go down a journey, that I don't know what might be but trying to not think it,so I going to try and stay strong and hope you will try and be strong your self too x.

  • yep your in not a pleasant place at the moment,and when the body sends out pain its letting you know that there's an issue especially when its constant or getting worse after several weeks,and so this is where your journey starts,firstly you ignore the pain for a week or so,and then your at the GP,in turn he/she try's to work out what's going on,and try's you on various painkillers,which might mask the problem temporarily,but the pain still exists,and so another appointment probably,so this is when it gets down to being something that a painkiller can't sort out,so then blood tests and an xray,but ultimately an MRI scan or a CT scan,and hopefully your already on a waiting list with a specialist,and this is your goal,so I can imagine your frustration and your low mood swings,and of course the pain,and as the NHS is been sapped of vital funding from this wonderful government who's politicians keep on saying there's extra money for the NHS,but you've got hospital's in deficit every year,nurses who's wage packets are on a massive 1% wage rise,now I watched Pinocchio many times and somehow I envisaged a politician made out of wood,so then your on going health problems will be with you and all the time wondering whens this all going to end,well I guess not straight away,so keep badgering your GP,ring up the hospital if you've got a date for any appointments due,and hopefully you can get nearer to getting yourself free from pain,I know its not to much to ask,but I KNOW and understand your situation and the pain so my deepest thoughts are with you and I'm hoping you'll get a quick solution to rid you of your ailments,take care and good luck.

  • Thank you so much this is comforting

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