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Went to A/E today bank holiday Monday could stand the pain no longer although they are treating me for severe spinal stenosis which I am on a good cocktail of drugs ,I now have pain from back of neck armpits tops of arms down to wrists and today even after I had taken morphine ect pain was unbearable, the docter had only seen me a few weeks ago sat in front and said he did not have a CLUE GREAT NEWS so I sent bloods off not R/A which he thought it could be so as asked for a mri which I have 2 weeks sunday gone,I also go for lidocaine I think that's the spelling drip in my hand with the pain clinic a week Thursday,however the docter on duty today in A/E aare looking at me feeling where it hurts is convinced I have arthritis of some form and she could do no more than up my gabapentin and told me to take paracetamol in the middle ,the pain I feel in my arms right more is at times unbearable then I have the pain that starts in the middle of my back goes now threw my pelvis and down my leg to knee sometimes Icant move I have crumbled discs and nerve ending problems ,does anyone know if I could have arthritis too or is it just spreading from my disc problems thank you

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Hi sorry to hear of your suffering,you really do need a doctor to say for decimate what is up. At a guess yes it could be one of the arthritis peons. It is quite normal for our type of ailments ,. But you really have to let docs decide and I know that requires Patience on our part )

Best wishes


I no patience is a virtue I have been told that many things and my own gp sat in front of me and said not a clue so there I go but thank you for qyour message it's always nice to hear from people x


sounds like ankolosing spondolitis , have them check for bilateral sacroilium fusion



you and I have just wrote that down to ask


For me, there are a number of things to be considered here.

Firstly, it seems that your pain levels need to be treated as your current meds are not working. You need to speak with your GP about this as a matter of urgency. Do not be fobbed off, you know how bad the pain is. Tell them that you had to go to A&E because it was unbearable. Is there something that has worked for you in the past that you could try again? It is not right that you should be living in pain on a daily basis.

Secondly, pain is personal to you. An X Ray will show problems with joints and a MRI will show problems with discs etc. however this may or may not be the source of your pain. There is no easy answer such as slipped discs = pain just in lower back.

Lastly, things have to be done to address the long term psychological effects of pain. By this I mean, maybe give yourself permission to take it easy if you are having a bad day. Someone said to me that they got used to having, " a new normal", when they learnt to live with their condition. That phrase really struck a chord with me.

I speak as someone who has osteoarthritis in my hips as well as other areas. I am fortunate that my GP is great. Morphine patches that last for 7 days tend to work for me (mostly). However, I also visit an Osteopath and Sports Massage Therapist who keep me mobile albeit their treatments are not without discomfort.

I hope my words are of use. Good luck with the MRI and speaking with your Doctor.

Best wishes,



Thank you dave for that you have really hit a cord,do you think my gp or would you wait till pain clinic thurs week although to be honest I don't no if I can wait that long ,I have just now got in to see my gp sat so will tell her this shes nice and understanding but I cant always get in to see her I just seem to be taking tablets but still pain yet I dare not stop as I would be crawling the walls the docter at the hospital says just because I have nerve and disc problems crumbling away it doe not mean this is related but could be but it sounds like arthritis to her and how tender ect I was ,if I stand in a warm shower it's so lovely it really helps also hot water bottle and it helps if I go ona sunbed however I don't feel like that at the moment, I do what I can but the guilt on my hubby doing everything I feel so bad x


If I were you, I would go and see a GP. In the meantime, make sure that you do not exceed the stated dose on your meds. If heat works, then do more of that. Use heat pads, stay warm or sit in the sun. Also consider using cold packs on the painful spot. Make sure that it is not applied directly to the skin. For example, a pack of frozen peas wrapped in a hand towel. That may help any inflammation to go down.

My wife does so much for me so I know the effect that has on my feelings, especially as she has a hernia. We have been married for a long time and always think back to our vows about, "in sickness and in health". Simple words at the time but they have come to mean so much. I make sure to say thank you, show my gratitude, buy small gifts, give compliments and make sure that she knows that I appreciate every little thing that she does.

I am sure that your husband knows that you would do the same if, heaven forbid, the situation was reversed. This is another aspect of chronic pain that needs to be considered. Once again, there is a new normal for the tine being.

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Could not agree more nice to hear about your words about your wife I too give my husband kind words and he says in sickness and in health,The chilli cream helps I no what you mean I try and go abroad a couple of times a year I get all my pain relief in for the plane and travel and I cope last year I was chewing on my tea towel to help with pain anyway once there all was alot better ,I go to pain clinic thur and scan sun of all days as they are so far behind with appointment let's hope who ever gets in makes it alot better nhs but it will take along time,are you going for any sun this year ,I hope you and your wife are feeling well enough to do so x


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