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Amitriptyline prescribed.

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Hi since my last post I have had severe pain in my legs and feet heel and across the bridge of the foot. Now after a second visit to my doctor I am now on Amitriptyline starting at 10 mg at night a couple of hours before my bed. As my pain was severe I had to get something before my visit to the Pain Clinic on the 29th of this month. So here goes .

I will let you all know just how I get on with this new medication.

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im in ami too. I take it for endometriosis pain. I got as far as one hundred, but it makes me not myself, confused. So now I'm on fifty per night. It helps a bit. Waiting for hysterectomy.

nikkijane hi as for me my start dose is 10mg and even with that i find that I am tired just now . And this is only my second day on ami so far that only 1 pill .

I too have painful feet. I started on 10mg of Amitriptyline but it had no effect as it was such a low dose. I'm now on 25mg is slowly starting to make a difference. Along side everything else I take!

Kitty hi I just took my ami 2 minutes ago. As I start work early say 6 am I need to be awake on the job so too speak. This is only my second day on ami. Glad to hear thats ami,s at least helping you .

I find it very helpful for both my pain (bulging discs and osteophites) and for helping me sleep but I can't take it after 6pm or I can't get up in the morning!! My GP had told me to take it an hour or so before bed but I was like a zombie in the morning and was constantly late getting my 5yr old to school!!

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Mistee hi today just now I have took my ami this is only my second day on this medication so I hope it works as there is no let up in my pain .Like you I was advised to take ami before bed time however even now at this early stage I am taking it sooner.

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Aw, I hope taking it that bit earlier helps!


I take this medication at 75mg at night for nurological pain and it does help.



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Bob hi I hope that I can say the same shortly as its no use pain pain pain last week I noticed that I was slowing down at work with my leg an foot pain. So after two visits to the surgery I was prescribed ami. So here goes.

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Good Luck I hope all goes well and gives relief.


Pirate, amitritptilyne can be very good for pain for some people, but you need to give it a chance to work. It can take a while in some people before they notice an effect. By the time you get to the pain clinic you will know if it's helping or not, and if it isn't they might be able to increase the dose.

If it's making you sleepy or dizzy (which is why they say to take it at bedtime) there is a very similar drug called nortriptilyne which is less sedating.

And if that's no good there are others! I know it feels like a long and winding road when all you want is something to get rid of the pain instantly, but try and stick it out.

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Teadrinker I could not take any more AMITRIPTYLINE after 2 days as it was playing havoc with my plumbing so to speak. Now after a visit too the PainClinic I am about to start on the Trans Bu patch in order to help with my severe pain.

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I hope the patches are helping. I'm sure I've read on a leaflet that came with some amitriptyline that it can also be used for "plumbing" problems so perhaps that's why it gave you some! I realise that my comment above makes it look like I perhaps did well on ami - in truth, I didn't do well on it all, or on nortriptyline. I was trying to be positive but reading that back I sound more like the sort of person I used to avoid, with all that cheery talk - sorry about that.

Hi pirate, I had a funny experience with the doctor a few days ago.i have been on 500 co codemol and 500 naproxen, very recently with no effect at all and I was sent to a & e. The doctor there gave amitriptyline but stressed only at night. When I had to go to my doc 2 days later he said I could take 4 or 5 or more of the ami with no bad effects. He then prescribed me tramadol, and told me to stop napraxen , and co codemol. Also, booked me an emergency mri ,which is on sat.

Hope the above helps.

if it suits you Tramadol is a very good! strong painkiller? it made a huge difference to means I have been on it 4 years now with no ill effects . However it is known to produce psychiatric side effects in some people. If you think you have them contact your doctor straight away. Good luck

Apologies for the shocking punctuation above :-(

me too - so will await your feedback in due course.

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