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Does anyone know any good holiday insurance companies inthe U.K. As I've just been quoted £356 as a top up for our insurance from our insurance company for a two week holiday! This is because I had surgery on my back in Oct plus an exploratory one in Feb which found out I had grade 3 arthritis in my shoulder. I think this is expensive for a non sport holiday! Any suggestions would be great.

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  • Hi frankdobermann

    My last holiday abroad was 3 years ago to Cyprus.

    My bank account through which I have holiday insurance as part of the package wouldn't cover me for some of the medical conditions I have .

    I wasnt going to take any chances so started to shop around for suitable alternative cover.I phoned and emailed approx 8 other holiday insurance providers.

    There was a world of difference between the quotes.I asked why it was so expensive and a couple of the companies told me it was because I was going to Cyprus and medical treatment if any kind is notoriously expensive there compared to some other countries.Where is it you are going ? That may explain why it's so high.

    The range if cover provided also varied a lot between companies.

    My conditions at the time were diabetes type 2 - tablet controlled,Kidney disease stage 3/4,rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure.I have since developed further conditions which are going to push mine further off the scale if I take another trip abroad.

    My approx cost was around the £300 mark for 2 weeks which I considered to be the best cover for the money.

    The company I chose to go with was the one advertised on tv with Nigel and his friends standing by the indoor swimming pool,and his mate wanting to go scuba diving.

    If youre not sure which one I am referring to send me a P!M for the details as not sure if I Can name the companies on here.

    Travel insurance is expensive but it is essential so dont necessarily go for the cheapest option,look which affords the best cover.

    Hopefully you will not need to use it but if you do then you want the best chance of getting the best medical attention.

    Hope you find suitable cover at a price that suits you and enjoy your holiday



  • Thank you Crusee I appreciated your reply! My wife has called many companies all afternoon and this appears to be a nightmare trying to get insurance cover, it's shocking how much they are charging , some are more expensive than my car and house insurance together!

    Thank you again for your helpful information regarding this issue,

    Frank D


  • I agree with you frankdobermann

    It certainly is a bitter pill when you spend all that money on a product that you sincerely hope you never have to use- madness isnt it?

    It almost makes the cost of a holiday out of reach for some folks.

    That year I went to Cyprus I hired,a mobility scooter for 2 weeks.That was £210.So between insurance and scooter I kissed goodbye to an extra £500 on top of my holiday.

    Last year we went to Jersey in our car.As its classed as Gt Britain holiday ins was a doddle.

    Take care.



  • Re mobility scooter

    My ex has to use a mobility scooter and she takes hers with her, the airlines do not charge for the scooter to ship it as it is law that they have to ship any equipment required for someone with a disability if you require a person to be with you to get you to and from the toilet on the aircraft then you can request a free flight for them but for this you need a doctors note to state you need the person for you to cope with your disability.

    Regards Poppy Ann.

  • Thank you Poppy_Ann

    Thats good info re the scooter for future trips.

    I wouldnt need to request a free flight for my husband ,well certainly not at the moment but that is likely to change.

    I would also feel more conident with my own scooter as well.The One I hired wasn't really up to the standard of my own,but it got me around for 2 weeks.

    Thanks again.



  • I have had similar experience getting cover after 2 back surgeries, being diagnosed with DDD, stenosis (travelling within 12 months of both surgeries) and being on morphine plus having RA. Similar to Crusee my bank refused to cover my existing conditions (even though my RA is as controlled as it ever has been and they have covered it before they refused after my unrelated back problems started).

    The company I used are specialist insurers for illness / pre-existing conditions and are named after the man who allegedly discovered America. 😀 Didn't claim so can't comment on how good they are when you need them.

  • Forgot to say it was around the £300 mark for 1 week in Gran Canaria and then about the same for 2 weeks in France but 6 months further on after surgery.

  • Thanks for your comments PFKAAde It's shocking TBH! I'm still on morphine as soon as they hear that boom up goes the price! But thanks for your input !

  • Hi there,

    My ex and her new partner was having trouble getting insurance as he had recently had a lung removed due to cancer, their normal insurance quoted over £2000 I suggested she try Tesco and she got a quote from them for just less than £300 which is a huge difference Tesco offer some good prices for insurance compared to others it may be worth giving them a try.

    Regards Poppy Ann.

  • Thank you Poppy Ann, there was some useful information that I did not know and will come in handy for sure. I have tried some that Crusee has mentioned but again it's either too much or won't insure me! Tesco is one I hadn't thought of and will give them a try!

    Thank you

    Frank D

  • you are welcome I don't think most people think of Tesco or Asda when thinking of insurance but most of them are trying to divers into other markets.

    Regards Poppy Ann.

  • I tried Tesco Poppy Ann unfortunately because I'm waiting for a steroid injection they won't even cover me they said try again once I've had the injection!

  • I use SAGA if that helps. Good luck

  • Thanks Mistydawn, tried that the problem is they won't insure me as I'm 49 the day I go and the day after I'm 50! 🙄 Even though this trip is to celebrate my 50th that one day is crucial to saga!

    But that you for the reply!

    Frank D

  • Saga are the worst at paying out, they point out clauses that were not pointed out at point of sale! Also a recent poll regarded them as the worst for customer service as well,SAGA aee as the name suggests "a saga to make any claim" honestly they take advantage of the elderly and vulnerable from everything I have read about them and a friends own personal experience with them!

  • Saga refused to insure me when I had an ankle strain within 3 months of travelling with them. I found an insurance company in yellow pages in the last 24 hours as otherwise my holiday would have been cancelled.. Their advert stood out in their words such as cancer, and other relevant words that took my eye. There's just one word that goes in front of Travel Insurance and its in this sentance.

  • I use blue badge holiday insurance as I have quite a few health issues. I only pay £59 for a year European travel insurance

    Good luck

  • Right I will give those a try for sure I gather they are online? But thanks for the suggestion!


    Frank D

  • Hello Frankdobermann, I just managed to get top up insurance on my illnesses for £84 annual for European cover, that's just the illness cover not the insurance cost.Unlike yourself my health has been stable for this year. So guess I have to agree the quote seems reasonable for you for two weeks, but this is the insurer if you want to try them There is a phone number on line once you log in OK. Age makes a difference over 69 and they don't give annual only single trip some companies stop annual insurance at 65 single trip cover usually is dearer per trip. The annoying bit is even if travelling in UK you still have to declare illnesses in full to get insurance and end up with a dearer cost. Good luck with your search.

  • Hi Katieoxo60, maybe the quote is reasonable but I'm sure I can get better I'm only 49 and this trip is a surprise 50th from my wife, like most I look ok I walk ok sometimes with a stick etc but the pain is inside what I can't understand is the loading for arthritis and morphine as I have no loading from my car insurance for this! This is the first time I have booked with having two surgeries in one year so it's quite a large and unsuspected shock! So I will keep trying with all the great suggestions that have been given.

    Thanks and regards

    Frank D

  • I sorted out travel insurance for my ex who is 84 years of age and has has a minor stroke 8 years ago,some were qouting £1000 or more but I found a company through the Daily Mirror's "" the cost was only £78 for 3 weeks in Canada and the company who insured her was called "insure and go" when she had to go to hospital in Toronto due to food poisoning the insurance company were 100%helpful no trying to dodge payout in fact they pointed out to her that because she was kept in for 24hours she was entitled to another £100 ! Well worth giving a shot !!

  • I recently had to find holiday insurance cover for 2 weeks in the UK, and I found that the rates topped out at over £2500! I was about to decide not to bother (after all it was in the UK, where we have the NHS in case of medical emergencies) when I remembered that I had received good service from Frizzells before they merged with LV. One quickish call, and they covered absolutely every possible risk, promising to get me, and my car, home in case of illness, and insuring my luggage in the car en-route, for the cost of £49. This was the cheapest that I could find for me in a week of ringing around, and the specialist insurers seemed to be more expensive than many other firms.

  • Wow it disgusting how ill people are treated for a holiday, I'm sure most of us are not that much of a liability!

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