Help again on fentanyl patches

Am now in major panic x have been googling and found a post that said insurance companies don't like to give you holiday insurance if you are on these patches pls difficult with travelling cause of controlled drug , am due to go away in Aug, will I need to inform holiday insurance?? Plus horror stories about sun bathing Help !! Is it worth staying off the patches till sept when I come back. Can't really afford extra money plus going away with my grand daughter and want to enjoy holiday ! God this pain sucks!!

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  • When I go away the Insurance is more interested in WHY I am taking the Fentanyl, than What I am taking. You MUST tell them everything, because if you miss something out you may find yourself in a strange country with NO Insurance at all. Even if your need for assistance is in no way connected with your pre-existing problems, if they find out about them you will probably find your entire claim rejected.

    If you have any questions about the legality of taking your drugs abroad, ring the embassy of the country concerned for information. It is part of their job to advise tourists! Within the EU you will probably have no difficulties. Unless you are going somewhere like the US or Australia (where I don't know the current rules!), you probably won't need permits to bring the Fentanyl, , BUT you MUST carry your prescription, to prove it is yours, and, if possible, a letter from your GP stating what your condition is, and the treatment in use. Also, carry the letter, the prescription, and the medications in your Hand Luggage when travelling, and take several photocopies of the paperwork, in several different places, just in case.

    If you have a lot of drugs, or medical equipment, advise the airline, and they will allow you an extra carry-on bag for your medical equipment and medications. I try to travel with sealed boxes of drugs, complete with Data sheets, and take about 50% more than I will need for the duration of the holiday, in case of accidents, thefts, and return delays (remember the Volcano!).

    If there is a safe in your room, lock the Controlled Drugs (CDs) in the safe, or else lock your medicines in the hand luggage, and place that in the suitcase, and lock that too. You may be unlucky, and have your case stolen, but most thefts are of small items that will not be easily spotted. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SURRENDER YOUR CDs TO THE AIRLINE TO BE PUT IN THE HOLD, OR HOTEL RECEPTION STAFF TO BE PLACED IN A HOTEL SAFE! If it goes missing you will lose the lot, and will be under suspicion of drug trafficking.

    I hope that this helps. I have travelled abroad several times, including to the USA while on Fentanyl, and I have found people to be helpful and not unfriendly. I know nothing about sunbathing with Fentanyl, as I don't enjoy the sun and heat, but remember that you should protect the area where the patch is placed, as you can't put suncream on the patch! Mepore Dressings are air permeable, and the patch works well below them, unlike a number of other dressings. The 10X11 dressing is about correct for a 100 microgram patch.

    Hope that this helps! Bon Voyage!!

  • Thank you so much for the reply am going to ring my insurance company today x you have made me feel much better and calmed me down!!

  • you have replied to question so well I agree with all you said I have had same treatment when travelling, as far as sun goes remember the more heat the more the patch will work so you are not advised to sit in the sun keep it covered. have a good time

  • Hi Sarahjd, i have been on Fentanyl patches for about 8 years and have never had to pay extra because of being on these patches, also never had any problems with controlled drug. as long as you have a copy of your prescription with you no problems.

  • Hello Sarahjd,I went on my holidays whilst on Fentanyl,at first I had an itch on my chin which I presumed was a mozzy but while I was soaking up the rays the itch got worse!! A lot worse,at one stage I thought I had got smallpox or inhaled a nerve agent,as you can tell by looking at my face,that's my face on my avatar, I have ended up with slight imperfections around my once attractive face,not all bad though!!! If you look at my hairless head you will notice that my right eye has great definition,I must say before I went on holiday nobody looked at me twice but now I seem to have all the ladies staring at me,so overall I can't complain,enjoy your break love.

  • Hi there,

    Was on fentanyl patches, for Gods sake don't just stop taking them. You really go through 'cold turkey' ie shakes, hallucinations, sickness, suicidal thoughts if you stop using. Definately not a good place to be. Just be honest withe insurance and if you get to go on holiday just as with other drugs show them to the customs in a sealed clear bag for them to check. I have flown many times with morphine and diazapam + more many times and beem ok and they didn't even add it onto my luggage allowance.

    Have a great holiday, but wear plenty of sunscreen and cover up, just wear a t shirt over your swimming cossie.

  • Emb398. This is exactly the right advice. Just be truthful and enjoy your hols!

  • Hi I am on fentanyl and I am on my hols and I am insured , so just check with complies , I am on 75 patches so it I high dose , so you should be ok , my ins is with stay sure so ring them , for two weeks ins it was just under a hundred but I have lots of health issues , hope this helps you


  • Oh you will need a letter from your dr to carry the drug

  • Thanks x rang my insurance company no problems with being on the fentanyl they have just made a note of it, plus just need to get a letter from my GP so all OK.

    Just had a major panic last night!

  • Hi. First of all a holiday will do you good so try to look forward to it. I have been on patches for years and you must inform insurance company if you want full cover. I have had to go to emergency doctor due to flare ups from increased pain due to travelling and because I informed them I was fully covered. Check on line for comparison and dont be afraid to phone as most companies need to know dose and full list of meds. It may cost you about £30 extra but its well worth it. If a company gives you a quote use this to negotiate a lower price on the next company you call. A single visit to a doctor abroad can be anything from £27 in France to £50 in other european countries so even if money is really tight not getting extra cover may cost you dearly. Good luck

  • Hi forgot to say Ive had no problem with sun on holiday but you may need to take extra patches in case the water or suncream make them fall off. Make sure you have plenty of extra patches not just one or two.and place them under costume or you will have a white patch. Its also recommended you take a letter from GP stating you need to carry meds. This should not cost you anything. Also keep meds with you in hand luggage to ensure they dont go missing.

  • Ditto to taking letter from GP and not to sun bathe. You are not supposed to be near heat, ie too hot bath etc. I was put on them by the pain clinic years ago at the National Hospital for Neurological Diseases in London. I was on 120 mcg which is considered a high dose. There is new research that being on so many patches for so long is bad for you. It messes up your immune system. You also become tolerant to them so they aren't working anyway, I saw two doctors there and there was no question in their mind that I had to come off them. They offer a psychologist and physio to help you with the withdrawal. I also see a psychiatrist once a week who watched my mental state. I started very slowly one every two months then speeded up. They added Gabapentine to my cocktail but quite honestly nothing masks pain. The whole process wasn't as bad as I have read on other forums. I now have energy and my memory back. The only thing I noticed was an old knee injury started to throb again. The psychological problem was in letting go of them. I was fortunate that I was not addicted. At the National now they make you sign a contract that you will come off them and they only dispense a few. I just wanted to share my experience,

    The only problem I had going abroad was in America when I stupidly took my tens machine and found myself surrounded by armed police who thought it was a bomb!

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