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Epidural Fibrosis

Anything new with the EF? Some days I get so fed up with this pain and it feels to be progressing more and more. It makes me so depressed but I fight it. I don't even feel comfortable talking to my NP anymore. Being the fact that I will be like this for the rest of my life and on pain meds for life. Some days I can't make it up my stairs without a struggle or even out of the shower. That makes me real sad and angry and all kinds of emotions kick in. I try to be strong but so much has been really bothering me. I want to kow if anyone who has EF does it progress quickly? Have you gotten worse since??

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You have not given any time scales. How variable is the ability to do things? This is important. Pain all the time and inability to do something all the time requires one approach. Days where you can do things requires another approach.

Do you have days when things work?

Depression can be mental exhaustion.


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