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I don't get it I have run every test possible at least twice now and no doctor can tell me where the nerve damage is coming from or the pain,numbness or burning. But all of them want to do blocks,and I keep telling what are you going to block without knowing where the problem is coming from. I had back surgery in 2006 to the L-4 L5 area when I walk I get lower back pain then hips then legs go numb and my left big toe feels like someone is holding a match under it.Is there someone out has something like this?

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I suffered nerve damage following a stroke in 2010, your symptoms sound very familiar as they probably do to lots of us who use this forum.

Solving the issue is probably beyond the experts, but learning to manage the problem is well within your grasp.

Good luck.



Hi there,

like many of us on this site I have long term pain like you I have pain from damage to my back which has moved down both legs and down to my feet I think the problem with the pain moving is due to pain is only a warning to show you there is something wrong and when it moves elsewhere is due to the original signal/pain not stopping it moves it elsewhere to try to warn you there is still a problem the only thing you can do it to try and control it with pain meds and any other way you have of pain control.

Over the years (now over 40) I have tried just about everything at the start my pain was due to an accident I was involved in in the army which had me holding back a 5 ton role of aluminium back at the time the doctors told me there was no damage and I had just had strained it and put me on light duties for 2 weeks but the pain increased as time passed as they could not find any cause I asked if it could be all in my head and would it be a problem if i just pushed through it in the end they did a think called (Manipulation Under Anaesthetic) which is where they give you a general anaesthetic and then move you around to see if you react to the movement and if there is no response then it is most likely in your head when the day after they did it to me the doctor came round the ward and he had a huge black eye when I asked what happen'd he said whilst he was moving me around I suddenly kicked out with my leg and hit him in the eye and knocked him out he said that this is the only time in my army service that I would get away with knocking out a colonel then he added that although they can not find out the cause of the pain they now knew it was not just in my head it was not until 20 years later that they found the cause was 3 of my vertebrate were cracked (L2,L3 and L4) so it took 30 years in total to find the cause so not a quick diagnostic all you can do is try to find what ever is best for you.

Regards Poppy Ann.

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Sometimes unfortunately poppy Ann pain neurones are not actually warning the brain about a danger but remembering the pain from an original injury.. it can take a very long time ( if ever) to re-educate the neural pathways so that they don't produce pain signals anymore. The longer a pain condition goes on the more likely it is that some of the pain although it feels the same does not have the same cause. Difficult to get the head round when it's you experiencing it though. And difficult to distinguish between new pain in the same approximate region and those overactive over excited pain pathways.


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Hi I understand how frustrating it all is but referred pain can change direction which can make it hard to find where it's coming from. Because they have already done tests with no result the next thing to try is pain injections. If they inject in the cause of the pain then hopefully it will work and give some relief but if it doesn't work then they know it's not coming from that area and so on. It's a process of elimination. As you already know, low back injuries effect the hips, buttocks, legs and feet which in my case can be more painful than the back injury itself. X

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Hi! I pretty much have the same problem, apart from i have foot sole pain. Nobody can give me any answers either as to where the pain is coming from, all im told is "Failed Back Syndrome" - which is a total cop out!

If you do find any answers, please share!!


See a chiropractor. Burning can be sign of nerve bashing. A muscle can pull a structure the wrong way and you have a nerve which is compromised. Muscle micro-cramps are very good for doing this.


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