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Pain after 5 months of having a Total Knee Replacement


Last October, I had a total knee replacement. I have been in physical therapy ever since. I have done everything the PT has asked me to do plus I followed the surgeon's instructions. Within 2 months I reached 120 range. I started going to the gym to ride the bicycle, NU- step among other excercise. I have to go to NY and I did not have PT nor did I go to the gym for 5 days - then I returned to PT in NY and my range had dropped to 95. I'm still cannot reach 120, I am at 115 and I have a lot of pain every single day. The doctor told me that he could do a manipulation, but I would have to start PT like if I just had the surgery. I got scare because the pain was so intense so I did not have it done. He sent me back to PT. But I still have the pain. How can a doctor tell if I had adhesions without touching my knee. The x-rays are normal. Should I had the manioulation? Please advise - have anyone have gone through this problem with TKR? I appreciate you sharing your experience. JAstacio

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The problem may not be in the knee. It may be in the groin and/or shoulder girdle. Posture is also important. None of what I have mentioned are likely to have been mentioned as they are not something a physio or doctor would look at. Other disciplines tend to look at this area.

Worth looking at muscles trains and fascia to find out more about the things that may be important in your situation.

Hope this helps.


I had a total knee replacement 5 years ago, but they had to also put in a shank to support the replacement as my bones were too thin. As a result I am in constant pain, usually going from my knee and down TNT shin. Sometimes the pain can feel unbearable, so I up my pain relief & at night I take extra Amitriptyline, I rest it and hope that the pain will subside.

When it was time to get my other knee done I was dreading it, but I have had no trouble with it. I can only think that my problem is down to the shank as X-rays show that my screws are all still in the correct position.

I do hope that your knee settles down soon. & maybe you should try hydrotherapy & do exercises in the warm water rather than anything too strenuous, I go to hydro and I feel much better relaxed and not as much pain. I am unable to do weight bearing exercises and so this is the best type of exercise for me.

Good luck, I hope that your knee gets better soon,

jastacio in reply to Cal66

Thank you for the info and good thoughts. I will try the exercises. Hope that you knee also gets better soon. I am glad that your other need is doing well.

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