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Hi im new here i was wondering if anyone knew the next step up from strongest dose of co codamol i take it for migraines mostly but also sciatica pain unfortunately it does not touch any pain at all and i cant take anti inflammetrys they do not agree with me i just dont know where to start im also dealing with the possibility of fibromyalgia any posts will be most helpful

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  • Yay bunnay86, there are stronger drugs than co codamol but that would be a matter to discus with your GP. I have heard that acupuncture can help some people with sciatica. As for the possibility of fibromyalgia I'm sure there are others on here that can advise you far better than me.

    Sadly chronic pain is a nightmare to deal with and unfortunately for some, drugs don't help at all depending on the nature of the pain! I wish you well and hope you get treatment that helps you.


  • Hi bunnay

    I assume u have seen ur gp & ur gp is referring u onto perhaps a neurological depth for ur migraines, headaches are funny things to deal with often stress or dehydration used to bring on an attack for me, I would tempted to seek medical advice from ur gp regarding painkillers, I take codiene on its own but u can't purchase it like this, the strongest co-codomol is 8/500 over the counter, discuss going higher with ur gp as codiene is very addictive,I've been on it for 4 yrs & need a regulatory 3-4hr fix!!

    Have a chat..hope this helps.x

  • Sorry bunnay I forgot to say sciatica is a nerve pain so will need different medication to codiene-codiene will only block the pain not help stop the actual problem-if severe enough u will need to be refered to a spinal consultant. X

  • Thankyou for your reply i do have a neuro appointment so hopefully can get a few more answers your advice is very helpful thankyou :)

  • Hello I suffer from post tramatic headahes and fibromyalgia so I can relate it's terrible to live with. I personally was told not to take pain killers as they make my pain worse. I was recommended mindfulness, the process of focusing on breathing etc this can be really helpful, tramuleaf (sorry if spelt worg) is the next strongest painkiller. The NHS does run two different pain clinics which you may find helpful, one for injections one to help you cope with pain. My fibro team is a good website hope this is helpful. And good luck xx

  • I agree with Xene, there are a multitude of stronger drugs available but you need to discuss this with your GP. Are you taking prescribed co-codamol or just buying them from a pharmacy?

    RJC x

  • I am getting it ftom doctor 😊

  • Fibromyalgia is listed as a symptom of both Low Thyroid and vitamin B12 deficiency. Brainfog can be confused with headaches, Brainfog is where you have constant headaches where it is difficult to concentrate for long on any subject. Just a few thoughts.

    My sciatica leg pains was down to vitamin D deficiency. (Though not saying your sciatica pain are as we are all different, )

    Low or deficient vitamin D can go hand in hand with Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) and B12 Deficiency. (Vitamin D3 is an anti inflamatory.)

  • Hi Bunnay86, your question is regarding 2 different types of pain. There are specific medications to treat you for migraine headaches. You are you and you are unique. There are so many different types of migraine headaches. You need a thorough investigation to find out why you get the migraines. Only then can your GP prescribe a type of medication that will stop your migraine before it develops. . Co-Codamol comes in 8mg codeine phosphate and 500mg paracetamol or 30mg plus 500 mg paracetamol. It does not help stop or prevent a migraine. In fact it could make your headache seem like a migraine. If you continue to take a pain relief medication for long periods of time it stops working how it should. With people that suffer migraines they have a perception that one is on the way. It might be that you have a funny taste in your mouth or you can also get a haze when you look at objects. There are many different ways people know that one is going to come on. You can then prepair for the onset and take the correct prescribed medication.

    Sciatica on the other hand is as have been said by other posts the second longest nerve in the body. If as you say it is very severe, the GP will prescribe a pain killer that helps ease nerve pain. The type of pain that is sharp, throbbing and burning. He can use a Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor antidepressant or one of the tricyclic antidepressants.

    All analgesics stop pain in a different way, some coat the nerve endings with a chemical that tastes nice and sweet, so fools the rest of the nerves that you have no pain. Sweet is no pain and bitter is lots of pain. Some stop the pain nearer to the source so that the pain signal to the brain is stopped before reaching it. So just remember something might well work for me but not for you. Giving advice is OK but its different to telling someone that there is a cure for something when there is not. By all means seek help but please don't be convinced that we are all the same and always correct . Hope you can decipher my ramblings. I will not tell you what you should or shouldn't do because at the end of the day, it is Your Choice.

    Hope thing go well with the specialist.

    Best regards Oldman1952

  • Hi , i have very severe M.E. so my ans. must be brief. firstly i also have migraine and profound fibromyalgia.I think Coastwalker might have mistakenly described brainfog symptoms as painful Brainfog which i have due to fibro and M.E. is not painfulIt is a cognitive problem not pain problem.You feel unable to follow written instructions may struggle with inattentiveness ,fatigue,and simple cognition becomes almost imposible.This can be debilitating as you may feel as if points have been shaved off your IQ level so hard is the mental fatigue and confusion.All paincontrol follows a progressive step by step introduction of more potent levels of opiods/ and or other meds like Lyrica or some of the older antidepressant type meds like amatryptilene etc.. I cant remember the proper terms as i had a bleed on my brain that has affected my language centre and my memory.but this painscale is the same the world over.I hope you are seeing your doctor regularly and are not trying to cope with over the counter painkillers.Both migraine and fibro are complicated to treat and you will require at some point possibly to attend a painclinic,Perhaps you can google the pain ladder of treatments yourself. But please rely on your doctor for advice they understand the nuances of medications far better than lay people and off course each patient will be different ,have different results from pprescription meds ,and different diagnosis or contraindications to take into account.I hope you become more comfortable soon. best of luck.

  • Hi Brumchick, you mentioned the pain clinic and the progression to more potent opioids? Why must a person keep going up the scale of opioid medication. Most pain clinics frown upon opioid increases. You might have been to a pain clinic in the past but now it is the person centred approach that has been adopted through out the UK. We look at what has helped in the past by asking the patient what was the best analgesic they have been on. At no time will the consultant prescribe a more potent opiate because opiates all work in different ways, in fact there is not the research that understands why or when an analgesic will work. As I said to Bunnay88 we are all unique. What works for you with your ME and fibromyalgia which have many of the same symptoms as each other, some professionals believe that it is the same disorder.

    Physiotherapy is also a great way forward for both of the disorders, as is acupuncture and deep muscle relaxation. I personally have had fibromyalgia since I was a young person after being chronically exposed to elemental mercury. So like yourself I know the disorder inside out. Your post had many great points that could help Bunnay88. Your take on pain relief clinic could have been misinterpreted as a negative act on a patients plan for the future. Also the newer medications have better titration levels than they had before, so do not make you feel dozy or spaced out. I had 14 trigger points on my body when I was diagnosed and without the help of the pain clinic I do not think that I would be around today. You have a lot to give and you know your condition well as it is apart of your self being. I call my problem a name because when it is bad I have a right go at it. It does not know what I am saying but it feels good for me. I call mine PITA. (PETER) Its an acumen work it out because it is the way I feel about the problem.

    Carry on what you are doing giving great help to everyone Brumchick. Hopefully we will have another discussion in the future. Best regards Oldman1952.

  • Hi bunnay86

    My eldest son has migraines along with other medical problems and he takes sumatriptan, might be worth asking your GP.

  • PLEASE, with all pain killers, for whatever reason you are taking them, think of the effect they are having on your stomach and other 'gut' functioning organs that have to unwittingly "tolerate" them. They can produce rather adverse problems elsewhere in the body if they are in constant use or if you are not taking the right tablets for the right pain. Remember, certain strong pain killers that are prescribed can be addictive. If you are not satisfied with your GP's decision or your own judgement over the counter, then ask for a SECOND OPINION even if it means making a one off appointment with another Practitioner or Clinic. Prevention of other problems is as important as lessening the ones you aleady have. Double the trouble!! As I say, if in doubt, do without!! However, it is not easy, we are all different in the way we react to pain and tolerate it (or not). Keep busy and best of all, keep active bothin mind and body. It DOES help to forget pain by thinking/doing something else but dwell on it.

  • Going on a gluten-free diet sucessfully freed me of 50 years of terrible three day migraines that no drugs would touch, and also lowers inflammation in the body, I have reduced white carbohidrates,(sugar, flour and other cereals), in my diet to practically zero, I find that this also reduces inflammation and my ankles no longer swell up. We are all different as others have said so it may not work for you but trying it out is easy and no danger to health and I hope you may feel somewhat better. I also have back problems and Sciatica is a differnt story, physiotherapy helped me to manage this pain.

  • Podiatry and Physio is NOT what it used to be though E. My Father was a very well known and good Physio during the first AND second World Wars and on his naval retirement took up the post of Head at The "Royal Baths" in Harrogate, a very prestigious establishment for those that could afford to pay for their treatment as in 1947 the NHS was still in nappies. He would have sorted both you and I out with the sciatica. No 'hands on' treatment now - just stupid exercises that one could do emptying the washing machine. Everything is going down hill but we won't go down that road just now!! PERSEVERE AND KEEP MOVING EVERYTHING.

  • I have seen a gp who has suggested i maybe suffering with chronic pain i go to neuro today so hopefully can move forward

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